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2006-04-11 18:16:28   There have been plenty of business owners who have responded in a positive and constructive manner to negative comments on pages about their businesses. It does take some thought and tact to do so, but it is entirely possible to do. —JasonAller

2006-04-12 18:28:21   Side note (i don't want to get into this too much): As for libel, poseur is a matter of opinion. The legal precedent is a case where some guy called another guy a name, I think it may have been "dumbass," and the other guy sued for libel. The suit was thrown out. If Josh said "no one who works here skates," then that is a statement of fact which can easily be proven false, and would be removed from the website. Similarly, if Josh said "these guys are jerks," it would not be libel, as whether or not someone is a "jerk" is a subjective matter. —ArlenAbraham