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2007-12-11 18:48:21   Welcome to the Wiki. Traditionally there has been a separation between a public figure page and a personal page. I'm leaving this comment on your personal page, but Daryl Suyat is considered your public figure page created because you ran for office. It is considered poor form to edit your own public figure page. The way to get changes made to a public figure page if you are the person that it is about is to go to the ["Daryl Suyat/Talk" talk page] for that page and state your case for change and another editor can come along and implement that change. —JasonAller

2007-12-14 20:16:32   In your editing Please Remember to Preview as it helps to keep the clutter on Recent Changes down to a reasonable level. It may also give you a chance to slow down in your editing and take the time to consider how you are coming across a little better. In one of your comments you mention "I'm sorry for seeming like a jerk"; taking a little bit more time may help you avoid edits that make you seem like a jerk. In the larger picture if you are advocating for a better representation for Asian Americans in media and politics it may be worth working on how to interact with those you are trying to educate in a manner that isn't off-putting and insulting. —JasonAller

2009-05-17 19:48:33   Hey, do you think you could put up pdfs for the second and third issues, or at least link to them someplace? —WilliamLewis