David Grundler, originally from Beale Air Force Base and an alumnus of UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), relocated his family to Davis in May 2002. In December of 2007, David moved to the Spring Lake community of Woodland; however, David's Woodland stint was short lived. He relocated his family to El Macero in July of 2010. David works for Park, Vaughan, Fleming & Dowler LLP (an intellectual property law firm) as the IT Director and a Patent Engineer, performing patent prosecution, as well as: IT, telephony, and other miscellaneous functions. He is a member of the Davis Bike Club, and previously served on the board of the Mad Cows Racing Team.

One of my favorite places by David Grundler CC-BY-4.0David is an avid supporter of March Madness and Bike Commute Month, and encourages others to pledge what they can.

David is very active in scouting. He serves as the Cubmaster for Pack 132, is on the committee of Venturing Crew 66, and is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 466. Additionally, he is the District Vice-Chair for the Yolo District of the Golden Empire Council, The Yolo District Roundtable Commissioner, and the Yolo District Cub Camp Director. He is a Vigil Honors member of the Order of the Arrow, and is currently the Chapter Adviser. David attained the rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 68 of Lancaster, CA.

David enjoys exercising his Second Amendment rights, and is a National Rifle Association Instructor for the Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun disciplines, as well as a certified Range Safety Officer. David is also a California Department of Justice Instructor, and can administer the exam for, and issue, California Firearm Safety Certificates. Most of his instruction is directed to youth in and out of scouting, and their family members; however, he is always willing to teach anyone with a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

David's interests include:

  • Disneyland 
  • Cal Football/Basketball/Rugby 
  • Live Steam and all things trains 
  • Oakland Athletics 
  • Los Angeles Kings 
  • Scouting 
  • Astronomy 
  • Photography 
  • America's Cup
  • Cooking

Contact me: davidgrundler ( at ) parklegal.com - 530-759-1664

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2016-02-25 19:57:25   Hey David, it looks like you were tripped up in some of the anti-spam code I deployed last night. Things should be back to normal now! —PhilipNeustrom

2016-02-25 20:53:09   You may need to make a dummy edit to the front page. It may be a cache issue, yup —PhilipNeustrom

2016-03-15 17:47:04   The latest Davis spam vector should hopefully be closed now (e.g. we shouldn't see that type of spam again). I hope! —PhilipNeustrom

I removed what I did from the Linda Katehi page because it was cribbed from press releases and the like. 1) We shouldn't be using such fluff (though we certainly can use it to write our own stuff). 2) We probably can't distribute it under a Creative Commons license, either, as alluded to in my edit comment. If you think it's worthwhile that people read this stuff, just link to the originals.




And there is probably more, but I'm too lazy.

  • In general, information in press releases is considered news and is not only okay to reproduce (with citation), it is encouraged because the organization putting out the press release wants the information disseminated. You are removing wholesale information from the Katehi page. If you think it is too biased, please take the time to rewrite it. I will add the links you provided. Don't just get rid of it. Also, it would be great if you took the time to create an account and become part of the wiki community. Thanks for the participation. -DG
  • Links were already there...

2016-04-14 13:06:50   About Katehi, I find it suspicious something is deleting info there now. She is very highly profiled in the news lately, with students protesting her staying on, and her overpaid position, her 'extra curricular' jobs. I can totally relate to these students, still being angry after "Pepperspray Pike", they never forgot that either. Somebody should mirror recent Katehi news in the Davis Wiki, maybe I will, as soon as I find the time. Or you? Thanks. —ConstantiaOomen

2016-04-14 13:55:19   Sounds good to me. :-) —ConstantiaOomen

2016-04-22 00:51:37   Just doing what I can. Many of the pages on DavisWiki seems to be getting out of date, and I'd like to try to help revive it a little. —JoshuaEndow

2016-11-09 17:53:49   Thank you! But now I've lost the link to Featured Page, I mean: on the front page. It's leading directly to the website of UC... Hm... ? —ConstantiaOomen

2016-11-09 18:08:31   Oh, of course, I would need to make a new page out of it... Thanks, "Featured page" is better than "Community Alert". —ConstantiaOomen

2017-02-08 17:20:03   Thank you. —JabberWokky