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2010-02-05   Howdy David, and welcome to the wiki. My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for adding a really neat bit of information to the entry about the Wolfskill Experimental Orchard entry. Always feel free to click the "Edit" button and add things directly to the entry... everything on the wiki was added by people like you, sharing what they know about Davis. I moved what you wrote up into the main entry and added some "Wanted" links... those dashed underlines mean that if you click the link, you can create a new entry about the topic. That means that you can click the dashed links and start new entries about John Reid Wolfskill and/or John W. Wolfskill, and anybody else can help you out. The entire wiki is build by and for the community, and you're part of the community, so it would be great if you could share what you know about this neat little bit of local history. Once again, welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2011-02-05 22:36:22   Hi David. Thanks for sharing with us. As a bit of a history nerd, I think it's pretty awesome to see a descendant of your family posting here. Welcome. —ScottMeehleib