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2007-09-10 19:32:51   Oh no! You've hurt me politically! —JamesSchwab

2007-09-10 19:39:05   It wasn't meant to hurt you politically, I just wanted to show the community that you are a liar and a hypocrite. —DavisGreen

2007-09-10 19:41:29   And who are you? —PaulHarms

2007-09-10 19:44:01   Its wenche


2007-09-10 19:44:54   The IP is from Arlington, VA, apparently. —PaulHarms

2007-09-10 19:46:01   I'm a student at Davis interning in D.C. —DavisGreen

2007-09-10 19:47:20   No shit. —PaulHarms

2007-09-10 19:50:28   The last few weeks have given me the impression that it's not safe for me to reveal my name. —DavisGreen

2007-09-10 19:51:41   Sockpuppets are bad. —Administrator

2007-09-10 19:53:17   And who could Wenche have told...someone she became close with who also is interning in DC...I wonder about the porta-potties and paintball tournaments on the east coast these days. —PaulHarms

2007-09-10 19:54:35   ahahahahahaha —BrentLaabs


2007-09-10 19:56:07   The only person I told was my then gf, wenche. It doesn't take a genius to follow the information. But write what you want on my page, that's what a public page is for. —JamesSchwab

2007-09-10 19:57:49   WHOA.... James.... you are out of line....i have better things to do than to waste my time on you. —WeMo

2007-09-10 20:20:22   whats wrong with eTectives?!?1five —StevenDaubert

2007-09-10 20:22:29   You deleted my comment, HigginsDavisGreen. Lulz. —WilliamLewis

2007-09-10 20:26:22   Oh what... you don't like people calling you out when you try to defame people HigginsDavisGreen? Lulz. —WilliamLewis

2007-09-10 20:26:47   I'm on the east coast right now. Whomever this wenche person is, I'm not sure. I have my own history with Schwab. —DavisGreen

2007-09-10 22:19:25   This is like a bad comic book series where you kill off one villain, and the next episode a weirder one pops up! —JamesSchwab

2007-09-11 21:36:53   HAHA don't know who you are either but i wish i knew, cuz you and i could have lots in common ;) —WeMo

I will be sure to contact you over the weekend - DavisGreen

2007-09-11 22:06:46   Mmmm... Meat Puppets. Only solution is an OMGLOLWIKIBBQ! —KarlMogel

I would never hang out with you. How dare you call me that. - DavisGreen

You misunderstand me, madame or sir. The reason you bring meat to a BBQ is for marinating and grilling. :) Oh, and might I add, you seem particularly absolute for someone who is supposedly new to thee wiki. -KJM

2007-09-11 22:59:52   This is ridiculous. I'm not familiar with the drama here, and I can't be bothered to look it up, but if Wenche wanted to chastise James she's quite comfortable doing it publicly.

I mean, what do you think she's doing? Connecting to some proxy server in Virginia so she can have an elaborate comment conversation with herself to disguise some edit that's now gone?

I know it might be hard to believe, but there's more than one person out there who doesn't like James. —ScottRitchie

2007-09-13 22:16:29   At the risk of stirring up more wiki-drama, it seems clear to me that this is a Steve-O account. Note the distinctive writing style, the lack of edit comments, the timing, the obsession over James Schwab, etc. —Graham.Freeman

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I don't think this is Ostrowski (and I really don't think it's Wenche). After working with Ostrowski for some time, I think statements such as "It wasn't meant to hurt you politically, I just wanted to show the community that you are a liar and a hypocrite. —DavisGreen" don't fit his rhetorical style, which has been fairly consistent since the day he popped up in ASUCD. I'd say it's someone a bit more polished than SO. -PaulHarms

2007-10-30 20:58:45   Sockpuppets used maliciously are not welcome on the Davis Wiki. —EdWins

2007-10-30 21:03:58   LOL That's great. I do smoke marijuana! Did you figure that out by the shirt I wear with a big weed leaf on it? Or my advocacy for the legalization of it? Or maybe we passed a blunt together. Do you know where I can get some good chronic?