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Why don't we just move the conversation over here. DavisLurker will obviously continue to delete anything on "his" page.

My opinion: they have no interest in learning or changing. Don't feed the troll.

This user's latest threat to MW is completely inappropriate. I propose at least a temporary ban, and if this user continues to use threats if and when the temp ban is lifted, the ban should be made permanent. Tantrums and general obnoxiousness are one thing. Threatening to contact someone's employer, adviser, etc., crosses the line. —TomGarberson

  • Agreed. A cool off temp ban due to personal attacks is now in place. -jw

    MW and TG shouldn't have to deal with the brunt of this. I feel bad for handling this poorly from the get. I should have encouraged the DL to go and share their thoughts on Vini instead of giving it the whole "can't you get a feel for it from what the owner said"

I believe we have gotten off on the wrong foot, DL *HAS* been around (lerking) for a number of years so I feel the need to cut a little slack. Then again you can DIAF if you want to be a vitriol filled slapdick to the gnomes who are just trying to help Daubert

Guess CP has had the right idea from the start. I should've stayed anonymous.

My half cent: SD handled things just fine. DL seemed, more than anything else, to want to fight — didn't really seem to care about what was on the page. Good call on the temporary ban. Sorry this happened to you, MW. Hopefully it was an idle threat. I imagine it was. —cp

  • I agree with the temp ban and hope it doesn't have to be permanent. Sorry this happened to you MW.—PeteB

— It's rational group responses like this that make me proud to be a Davis wiki editor and a Davis townie. <3 you all! -SM