Just a humble public servant.


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Welcome to the wiki, whoever you are. - SharlaDaly

Is there a particular reason why you can't identify yourself? - KenjiYamada

Let's just say I prefer to remain anonymous at this time. — DavispublicServant

Remaining anonymous is your choice. Perhaps at a later time you will be able to use your real name. — JasonAller

2006-04-29 19:58:41   Did you want to delete the entire page rather than just the contents of Halema Buzayan/Yolo County DA's Office? —JasonAller

2006-04-29 21:19:34   DavispublicServant, concerning the information that was posted concering Halema, if you can't provide a cite to a public document, I suggest you either rephase it as your opinion or delete it. —GrumpyoldGeek