I really just created this account so that I could edit all of the erroneous and incomplete information regarding Unitrans (wow, how much of a dork am I?) with whom I am gainfully employed as a bus driver and student mechanic. Yeah. Aside from being a busnerd, I play the trombone in the Aggie Band-uh and am a proud IS alum. Yay nerds! Anyway, yeah. When not doing one of these nerdy things (or sometimes when I am), I can be found with the wonderful and lovely Kate Baker. Yay.

PS. Graduation is for suckers.

Me on fire:

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2005-08-17 00:41:06   That picture is just too cool —AllisonEriksen

2006-11-21 15:22:33   I was in IS, too, freshman class of 91. We had 8 current IS people in the Band that year, which was pretty cool. Paul Zinn's an IS alum, too. —RussBowlus