Name: Hello, the page shows activism all around the issue \"mobbing at workplace\", while european law (e.g. directive 89/391/ewg) is a very important point of view. Mobbing-Gegner now would like you to ask for linking the adress on your page. Mobbing-Gegner is a non \"profit page\" , a opensource & a NGO as Detlev Lengsfeld

Phone Number: (+49) 5355 91557

Office: at home

Personality: I´m very happy to found this site. It's full of inspiration for my project translated to english against bulling

I would like to see some code of your modifications :)


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2006-06-12 23:42 has information about the software used on this wiki. — JasonAller

2006-06-13 02:18:38   thx, it a realy realy fine work here. i spend 3 hours :) and more ... —DetlevLengsfeld

very clever idea. what are the standard acl`s and may i have a look at the — detlevlengsfeld [[DateTime(2006-06-13T06:40:19Z)]]

2006-12-22 15:14:23   thx, i know! —DetlevLengsfeld