This mysterious person has never created a personal page, but seems to be very active on the food related pages. Very against fast food, the fellow strongly supports the Co-op. Does not have a problem with being rude and/or offensive while making his/her highly opinionated comments.

I bet DudeNude smells like onions.

Yeah, Onions!!! I have smelled these persons that smell like seem the smell gets trapped in the hair and I can smell it if I'm sitting behind someone in class that has that certain odor...not completely offensive but rather pungent. I have shopped at the CO-OP


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It is fortunate for you that you can make comments and still stay totally anonymous. Personal pages are off limits, comment if you must. —SteveOstrowski

2007-11-07 17:44:26   I find his comments very inappropriate at best. —AnnaF