Dylan Beaudette is a Ph.D Candidate in the Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group, in the College of Ag. here at UCD. Current research topics include, but are not limited to:

Front yard sign survey. Walking around at WEF 2008. Relative time spent at any location is denoted by color (red = more time spent).

Some other things that tend to fill Dylan's time (when he sould be doing other things) include, but are not limited to:

  • programming in SQL/PHP/Python/Bash/AWK
  • PHP/GD experiments
  • GRASS source code hacking
  • reading pages on the Davis WIki and other such online time sinks
  • electronics / microcontroller programming
  • cartography and map making
  • pointless projects 1 2
  • outdoor adventuring in the central Sierra
  • Hobie Cat sailing

Some things that Dylan would like to be doing:

  • APRS and other HAM radio things (any other hams in Davis want to start a club?)
  • working on his research
  • soil science education and outreach


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Your sign map is an awesome idea! You need to get on it this weekend and map out further!

Thanks! —Dylan

Dylan, a few months ago you posted on the lugod mailing list asking if people would be interested in a GRASS users group. Did anything ever come of this? I would be interested. Also, I have some questions about getting California maps that maybe you can answer. Email me at nschmalenberger at fastmail.fm . Thanks. —NickSchmalenberger

2005-11-06 18:48:32   The sign map is cool! Did you do it using GPS, or did you keep a text list, or annotate a map you carried, or ? (Now, could GRASS help with it?) —SteveDavison

2005-11-23 09:20:03   Thanks. actually I collected the data with a little GPS, while riding my bike. I kept track of yes/no in a note pad. Then I dumped the GPS locations to a text file and added the yes/no data. GRASS was used to convert this text file into a vector dataset that I could then overlay with other things like the aerial photo and bike trail. —DylanBeaudette NICE! —rocksanddirt

2007-11-12 17:11:26   That elevation map was cool. I always figured Davis had a slight slope to it. —EdWins

2008-03-05 10:16:36   Hi Dylan, I'm just responding to your comment on the La Buena Vida page. Whether HOAs serve a purpose or not in individually owned neighborhoods is a separate issue, but how would you suggest common property be managed in a development such as this? —MattCzarnowski