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2009-12-29 14:17:59   Hey, I'd normally welcome you to the wiki, etc etc, but if you were "surfing RC", it doesn't seem likely that you're new to the wiki. Still, thanks for the recent edits: the wiki is built of contributions from everybody. Since Woodland Cleaners makes the claim of being organic, I reinstated it, reworded it to say they are "making a claim of", and then dropped in the rather important points you made on the talk page. Since they are making the claim, it seems to be more informative and useful to the community to point out the issues with the claim than simply ignore it. By the way — I saw your edit on the LARP entry; do you play? —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • 2009-12-29 11:44:47 Howdy JW. I'm new to daviswiki, but not wikis in general... I've been checking this place out for a while, RC is a great place to get local news. Before I removed that businesses organic claim, I looked them up to see if they're listed by CCOF as an organic business... no dice. My guess is they just threw it up as a marketing word and don't understand how involved it is getting organic certification, or the criminal and civil penalties involved in falsely claiming to be organic or certified organic. I used to play in LARPs, but back in their heyday in the late 90's and early oughts. It seems that WW hasn't been doing a good job of getting new players. Nice to meetcha. —EdwardNiemand

2009-12-29 22:49:31   Yes, thanks for those comments about dry cleaners. I found them very helpful. —CovertProfessor

2009-12-30 16:43:01   Thanks for the tank house picture! —PhilipNeustrom

2010-01-13 11:42:13   If you're doing a publicity campaign, want some stickers? —WilliamLewis

Hey, those look dandy. I might take you up on the offer, but for now I'm going to tentatively just flier... I'd hate to get arrested for vandalism. Maybe if we start tabling again at the farmer's market we could pass those out. —EdwardNiemand

2010-01-13 11:43:11   Ha! Go for it... once somebody leads the way, you can likely get some support. There have also been some other promotional things like tabling at the Farmers Market and other events. —JabberWokky

2010-01-13 12:06:59   Hey, nice posters! They do a good job of playing up the wiki as a source of information. Do you have any good ideas to encourage contributions that aren't "reviews" of businesses and such? I'd like to get away from our perception as some sort of local, non-profit Yelp (we have too many business owners interacting with us as such). —WilliamLewis

2010-01-13 14:35:38   dont sign things as Ed <.< It took me a few years to break that habit here :P —EdWins

2010-01-13 20:54:44   Are you always a white knight?

Welcome to the wiki btw ♥ —StevenDaubert

2010-01-15 12:51:03   @ Steven - Give me your weak, your downtrodden, your comic book shops with nasty comments, your dry cleaners yearning to breathe free... —EdwardNiemand

2010-01-21 08:02:25   I'm sorry it's so long, there are several issues, and several board members I want to step down. —PxlAted

2010-01-21 08:39:11   RE: "I understand that you're pissed at them, and your position of homelessness sucks, but is bringing that feud onto this site what you should be spending your time on?" You don't know me at all or what I spend my time on. I'm not feuding, I'm expressing specific problems, concerns, and complaints about certain members of a local, public, not for profit organization. —PxlAted

2010-01-21 08:58:33   Personal problems and complaints. —EdwardNiemand

2010-01-21 10:15:55   "'Wes and Dan are excluded from voting here because their own interests blind them to the greater good of the wiki.' Do you have the power to do that? How do *I* get the power to prevent other people from voting? Can I declare your votes invalid, too?" — As a side comment: Well said. I actually dropped the phrase, but I originally wrote "too much pseudo-legalism, authoritarian posturing and game playing". I figured that would obscure the more on-topic points, and many editors present their opinions with great assertiveness and might have thought I was referring to them. I think William was just trying to move things along and block potential complaints, aware that anybody who wanted to could object. —JabberWokky

  • Just making sure that this place isn't succumbing to wiki-disease. -EN

2010-01-28 10:40:46   Our IRS tax exemption prohibits price-lists from for-profit entities. When I removed the prices on the Real Computers page, Brian fought with me, found out I was right, and started removing prices from all his "competitors." —WilliamLewis

2010-04-07 16:12:54 I was going to say, cpc § 148.5(b). —WilliamLewis

2010-04-07 16:14:06   For someone who was worried about the Con Artist page being too cluttered, you sure have gone off on a tangent. —CovertProfessor

  • Ha ha! I know, I know, I knew it when I was writing it, but it's hard to be both right and quiet about it! :) I moved the thread down into the comments section of the page, to unclutter it a bit. —EdwardNiemand

2010-04-07 16:52:43   More important than pricing information is the phrasing of the page. That page looks like it's written in the tone of the business— we should rewrite it —PhilipNeustrom

Agreed. -EN

2010-06-23 21:08:22   Can you send me an email? philipn at —PhilipNeustrom

2010-06-24 09:29:48   email sent. —EdwardNiemand

2010-06-27 16:56:18   Yup, that's me in the video. It got me to install the flash plugin that I had been stubbornly not plugging in, just to see my eyes widening into interrobangs. —Angel.York