Ellen Seeley loves:

  • Working for Veridian Environmental, Inc.
  • Nature and Culture
  • The Co-op
  • Cleo and Mr. B- kitty love!!!!
  • Chris Fleming, who is the nicest housemate
  • The Wiki — because evolution is COOL
  • Sleeping, especially after being awake all night long
  • Chatting with awesome people like MichelleAccurso
  • Celtic you-name-it. Especially Celtic music.
  • Copy-editing papers, arguing about grammar, learning foreign languages— because she is the biggest nerd

Ellen is finally finished with her undergrad, as of September 2005. That's only like, what, 8 years spent trying to finish her B.A.? (Who's counting?) She now lives and works in East Davis, while formulating her plans for grad school and cosmic reunification.

Ellen is one of those eccentrics who LOVES Davis and wants to remain there long after college.

********She would LOVE to find a nice, quiet person to share her 2BR in the fall. With, perhaps, a kitty. Anyone, anyone?????****************

She also feels like an idiot writing in the third person.=)

  • I would not worry so much about the timing of your bachelor's degree. I myself graduated high school in 1998, and am just now doing my own grad ceremony. Also, do you have a sister named Morgan? - Paul Amnuaypayoat

Thank you for fixing my spelling error! That's a great photo of you! -MichelleAccurso


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I didn't add the comment about Nature and Culture being hippie studies — that was someone else. I'm the one who said it was kind of the same concept as Science and Society. —BrentLaabs

2005-07-14 03:03:56   Sorry- didn't mean to jump on you. Your own point seems accurate, though.=) —EllenSeeley

2005-07-18 23:41:30   i heard this actress say this line that made me think of you & I; "I don't flirt; I club, drag back to my lair and have my way with them." IM me sometime, I think you have but I forget your handle. —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-15 08:39:10   OMG Ireland is so great!!! I am in Dublin at Trinity College wearing sweaters, breathing yummy air and exploring. Will send pics later. Miss all my wiki people!!! —EllenSeeley

2005-09-20 20:17:51   oh yes, definitely want to club some people on the head —MichelleAccurso

2005-10-23 07:56:26   Hey this is Jen Frey from Barnes & Noble & UIowa. So glad to see you are doing well! I just graduated too! You can contact me @ [email protected]. Love Jen Still listening to that CD you gave me a few years ago! —JenniferFrey

2005-12-07 11:33:52   hey ladyface, how lovely to see you looking and sounding so happy! any chance you'll be swinging through new york on your way back from eire? drop me a line— shivery [at] gmail [dot] com much love, siobhan —SiobhanHarris

2005-12-08 06:56:37   Great photo, and props on the Celtic music :) I have a CD full of Celtic meditation music that does wonders for me during a stressful day. Also have Talesin Orchestra music to Enya and a Charlotte Church CD (Celtic-ish), both of which I cherish so much. And props to chatting with Michelle. All around, you're a pretty cool person. —MatthewKeys

2006-01-14 11:09:15   What do you think is the social purpose of procreation? Have you ever seen Monty Python and the Meaning of Life? —NickSchmalenberger

2006-03-23 16:22:02   hello hello! i need to get my membership fees back, i hardly shop at the co-op and could use the money. how've you been? —MichelleAccurso

2006-12-29 15:41:43   OOoOoh, Ellen! I *loves* your picture. :) —TiffanieDavis

2007-03-16 14:55:27   Tiffanie, I loves yours too! You DO see my soul, don't you? —EllenSeeley

2007-03-16 15:05:10   I noticed you didn't list your Mac under your "loves" list. Is that a MacBook Pro, or an older PowerMac? —DavidGrundler