Emy is an undergraduate student in Viticulture and Enology. She can often be sighted from afar by means of her brightly-colored aura. She currently lives at J Street Co-op, where the residents love her (and her mad chef skills) very much.

Emy is from Santa Barbara, where she previously attended Santa_Barbara_City_College. Emy knows a lot about bugs and beer and has a secret weakness for heirloom tomatoes. She does not in fact dye her aura, but she is simply full of so much cheer and enthusiasm that it spills out of her skin and turns her all the colors of the rainbow.

Emy is one of the most awesome people that ArianaBrill has ever met.


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2009-04-30 14:26:09   I'm w/ Hurlers and I'm pleased to anounce we may be at Slide Hill Park sometime soon. —MasonMurray