Eric Fox hails from Los Angeles, CA. How he ended up at UC Davis is a complete mystery to everyone, himself included.

Eric claims many things, some of which are incredibly true, the rest don't make sense. One of these claims is that he is the Worst Biker in the City of Davis. The number of accidents he has gotten into (with the aid of his loyal steed Sir Crash-A-Lot) is as follows:

Fear not though, Sir Crash-A-Lot vanished into the night in the Spring of 2004. Eric was heartbroken and refuses another steed to this very day.

In addition, Eric has several archnemeses at UC Davis. They are as follows:

Cow 1086 - Despite claims to the contrary, Eric knows that Cow 1086 is after him while simultaneously seeking world domination. Their epic battle has yet to come.

The Duck Assassians - Twice in the past year, these ducks have ambushed Eric, only to fail in their quest to eliminate him (most likely on the orders of Cow 1086). It is only a matter of time before they return.

Oompa Loompas - While not at UC Davis, they frighten Eric completely. Anything with orange skin and green hair who works in a giant chocolate factory frightens Eric.

The Sewer Museum in Paris - An explanation of this would take far too much time.

Formerly an ASUCD Senator, Eric is known to one and all by a variety of nicknames. He will respond to them so feel free to use them. They are:

  • "Foxy"

- see, I'd spell it as "Fox-E" (but pronounce it as "Foxy"), just because it's like your last name and first initial sort of thing going on. —pi

  • "E-Foxy"
  • "Hey you"

The variety of nicknames led Eric to comment that he felt like the Puff-Daddy of ASUCD in his farewell comments.

In addition, ASUCD Controller Devin Whitney has official declared that Eric is the "Kramer of ASUCD." In order to fill this title completely, Devin and Eric are on the lookout for a Jerry and Elanie of ASUCD. (They have already found a George and Newman)

Although Eric took himself very seriously when in senate meetings, he often screws around when not in meetings. This carefree attitude has led to him blowing trumpets on the 3rd floor, racing up and down the halls on chairs, and attempting to name Eric Sanchez "Eric the Wise" (N.B. this name resulted after Eric tried and failed to name Eric Sanchez "Eric #2" and "Eric the Tyrant")

Eric was also able to get himself elected as the Senate President Pro Tempore, despite the fact that by all rights he should have been out of office. His campaign promise to his fellow senators was "I can't disrupt the meeting if I'm running it."

This promise stemmed from Eric's misplacement of the gavels used to run the ASUCD Senate meetings, which effectively stalled the functioning of the government.

Eric is also the creator of the ASUCD Scandal Level Alert, which can be found on the third floor of the MU outside the SGAO Office. In hindsight, Eric admits he could have made the alert much more amusing, but is too lazy to rectify this situation.

As a further sign of Eric's stupidity, ineptitude, or great comedic talent, take the following story. On Monday 5-2-05, Eric was walking on the Quad. Despite having passed a resolution in support of the planting of trees and having been present of the tree planting ceremony the previous Friday, Eric walked face first into a new tree. He reasoned: "It hadn't been there the last time."

Eric is also the proud co-founder of "We Love Bad Movies" Club. This club gathers every Friday night (allegedly. it has good and bad weeks) where the members watch horrifically bad movies. Some of the great films they have seen are:

  • Torque
  • Pootie Tang
  • The Pacifer
  • Cannibal the Musical

It has been decided that Eric is no longer allowed to have sugar (especially Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy) since it literally sets him off. Eric has gotten hold of the ice cream twice. Both times have led to dire situations.

How about some comments discussing my zaniness? I think I'm crazy enough to merit some kind of discussion. Do you agree?

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2005-05-27 00:09:25   I'd say you were the zaniest senator, but RobRoy got elected too. You do combine zaniness and nerdiness in interesting ways though. Kudos. —BrentLaabs

2005-10-04 18:37:53   thoroughly zanny. "I give it two thubs up. And a foot." -Foxy —JeremyGimbel

2006-02-03 14:41:22   Good job, inventor! —CindySperry