Random drive though Nevada in winter Flying out of Oakland, back to Davis

I'm a graduate student in computer science, working in the IDAV virtual reality lab. I've been in Davis working on my Ph.D. for about 4 years now. I'm just wrapping up data collection on a distance perception study in VR, and I'm now going to be a full-time employee at nvidia working on OS X OpenGL driver development (don't even ask about getting hooked up with free/beta hardware. I can't say how many times I've heard that one now). I'll continue working on my Ph.D. part time until it's done (no idea when that'll be).

I'm a massive Mac fan, and would absolutely love to see OS X take over as the OS of choice for most people. The hardware is of course quite nice as well. And no, I would never have seriously considered using a Mac before OS X. Programming on the Mac has only made me love it more.

I'm leaving Davis soon to go live in beautiful Santa Barbara, but will stay connected to Davis at least as long as I'm still working on my Ph.D. and while so many of my friends are still working on theirs.

Non-research time is for bicycling, flying, baking, snowboarding, reading everything I can find and watching movies.

Check out France Senecal's public affairs show It's About You on KDVS. It's really quite good (although I'm hardly impartial, as I used to help a small bit with engineering issues for the show). The show goes off every Monday morning at 8:30am. KDVS has a lot of good shows, but France's show and Acadius Lost's "Bat Country 2086" are far and away my favorites.


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2004-12-11 21:42:12   If you want to put up a "Making Bread" to compete with "Making Beer"/"Making Wine" I will try to contribute. I suck at it though. - TravisGrathwell

2006-04-05 23:55:49   Hey Eric (re: wiki code). The code running on the server right now is free software, as is the in-development software (called Sycamore, which will be running on the site very soon). Check http://dev.daviswiki.org for more information, for now. —PhilipNeustrom

2006-04-21 13:38:35   Hey I have some sourdough starter if you want some. [email protected]TiffanySnell

2007-01-31 08:53:40   Hometown Chinese - Connected to Chevron in South Davis - next to Del Taco and Wendy's has really good chinese food. Sacramento has some good restaurants and Reno too. —FrankYoung