Name: Erica Pietryka

Place of work: Medical Social Worker at Yolo Hospice

Favorite places downtown: Kathmandu, G St Pub, Armadillo


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2009-05-10 15:19:29   I agree that the comment left by doggydd didn't positively add to the Cowell Student Health Center page. What it did do though was illustrate one of the prejudices that people suffering from depression or other forms of mental illness have to deal with. It also shed some light on the person who is using that account. On the wiki we have the chance to either sweep that sort of thing under the rug, or use it as a chance to educate and increase the potential for understanding and acceptance. —JasonAller

2010-08-16 02:54:43   True, been a bit of a struggle with XYZ and the apartment issue. Oh well, trying to let it just end now. He will most likely post more garbage and grow tired of it soon. —Wes-P

2011-05-25 19:15:02   It looks like congratulations are in order! So, congrats! —TomGarberson