Erin Manley Blackman was born July 31, 1977. A former Davis Groupie, she's come to Davis to roleplay in various LARPs since 1997, and finally moved to Davis in 1999. Currently she works for the state because it pays the bills, offers excellent benefits and gives you wacky holidays off. She married her longtime boyfriend Adam Blackman on May 31, 2008; they have three children together.

Erin can be found most weekends at the Death Star pretending to be other people. Every other Saturday she answers to the name Nikki Sky in Aftermath.

As a side note: she is a long time friend and confidant of JaniceGutshall


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My comment on LARP was mirrored with an inverse comment on the DRAGON page. But someone keeps taking down that comment, so I haven't been able to properly explain the cultural split between LARPers and table-top players. Which is really amusing, considering we're all dorks. —BrentLaabs

2005-10-20 11:57:23   How funny, since I've never really known such a split. :-D Everyone I hang with does both. —ErinManley

2007-08-17 10:15:02   Howdy, Erin. I renamed the KentWhittington entry into the Users space... and left a redirect so your links still work. That way system logs work correctly and links still work. —JabberWokky