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2012-12-04 11:36:54   Welcome to the wiki. Please have a look at Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner - it outlines some very useful information for business owners and representatives. The comments that are marked on Get Fit Davis are obvious sockpuppets - they have the same IP address you do (and I assume you're ErwinPeak as well?)

It's conceivable that they're different people just editing from the same computer/network, but the comments are awfully suspicious. The Sockpuppet marker is used to indicate to readers where there's an IP address match. Readers can draw their own conclusion about whether it's the same person or not. If they are fake accounts and fake reviews, though, that's just shady. —TomGarberson

2012-12-04 18:45:19   Tom, Yes I am ErwinPeak as well! But no longer under that email address since the change of ownership. So here is my dilemma, our business wanted new reviews and they have been asking members at our gym to write a review and asking them to do so onsite. But this innocent looking sock puppet is actually really shady looking. Am I able to just delete these reviews and just ask member to do them at home? I tried deleting them, but they keep getting edited. I guess i'm not suppose to delete them. What is the proper way of going about this, Tom? —ErwinNguyen