prize shirt vday 2010

long time lurker turned, well, lurker that occasionally posts. *4th year UCD student *half japanese, half anglo saxon mutt *likes bikes, food, cars, cameras, good beer, gooder friends, and messing with electronics *dislikes...not much? peanuts coz evil. also most grass pollens, that makes life terrible. oh and left-lane cruisers, move right please.

and on the topic of road manners, use turn signals. that goes for cars and bikes.

my tarck bike, usual commuter. though I've been on a 29er kick lately


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2010-06-07 18:55:23   Hi Eugene, Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for all of your restaurant reviews last night and today. Why not take a moment to introduce yourself here on your user page? You can establish an identity, which'll give more weight to your words, and give folks here a chance to get to know you. —TomGarberson