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2015-02-23 18:44:16   What do you know about Users/Evan-gray? I see you've made a page called "Heron Technologies" in addition to "Davis Computer." This is pretty confusing, at least to me! Up until a few minutes ago the "Heron Technology" page redirected to "Davis Computer," and my understanding is that "Heron" became "Davis Computer." Is what you're implying that "Heron" is now a new, separate business from "Davis Computer," both of which still exist? Could you take a minute to clearly explain what the difference is between the two pages (on the pages, not here!), and explain whether or not "Heron Technologies" is still in business?—PhilipNeustrom

2015-02-23 19:10:19   Philip, I created the "Heron Technologies" page to represent it and its owners comments. "Heron" registered for fictitious name to do business under the name "Davis Computer" in 2009 you are correct. Davis Computer Broke From Heron In August 2014. So anything Representing the Davis Computer Heron Technologies collaboration now solely belongs to its parent Heron and or Directly Khanh Pham and Davis Computer or Evan Gray as they are sole proprietorship. —Evan-gray