I was born and raised in Davis California. Graduated from DSIS in 2008, then worked in Davis at a local biotech company till i decided to have a go at living in china. I’ve spent the past year polishing up my Chinese and photography skills.

With each new camera has come a new personal development in photography. My first camera was a digital point and shoot i got from my parents [took lots of pictures], but it wasn’t until after i got my hands on my Canon A-1 that i really fell in love with photography. Then after i got my dslr i started to pay attention to what i was doing. I started using a Ricoh rangefinder and found what i would call a style.

Now I've been spending much more time with film, developing black and white at home. When I'm not shooting or working, I enjoy writing about photography on my blog. My current projects include a series covering public transportation in Beijing. This includes travel by subway and by bus. Many of my photos are available as prints, if you are interested in purchasing any please contact me.

phone: 530.588.0358 email: photogarret at gmail dot com

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2011-04-13 09:12:39   Hi G-man! Your pics are great and I want that one of Wxj (?) station on lower right :) —jsbmeb