Garrett playing at the 21 Grand in Oakland.

A poster on 3rd Street

When Garrett lived in Davis he stored himself in a house full of beautiful women and also a beautiful chap who created this interactive site. He played solo when he lived in Davis the first time. He also promoted live music all over the place (especially at Delta of Venus where he worked for a time).

Garrett moved to San Francisco since the summer of 2005. He visited often to play music (and to get drunk in the streets with his loved ones).

Garrett has recently moved back to Davis (April 2009) and will be releasing a new record called "All Masks" on the local label Crossbill Records. It is available at Armadillo Records and at his live shows.

Garrett and band opening for The Devil Makes Three in Santa Cruz.


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Garrett used to work at the Co-op. I miss his songs about hangovers and our constantly-dying Debit/Credit machines, and his ability to kill a fly by punching it with his bare hands. He is not a man to be messed with, if you're a fly. -Michelle