The Hawai'ian Ukulele I am best known for my music programming (reggae, Hawai'ian and Latino/a) and production work at KDVS.

A long time resident and staff member at Shields Library, I also like to play solo instrumental guitar and ukulele performing at places like The Wardrobe and The Avid Reader. My ukulele music is half originals and half folk, International, blues, etc. I like to play the ukulele non-conventional to give it a new sound.

My music website is : Gary's Ukulele


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2008-07-21 09:05:21   Hi Gary! I've only spoken to you a few times, a few years ago, but I remember how nice you were to me when I was just a scared little freshman. —AliceChoe

2008-07-22 20:26:02   This guy does some amazing stuff with his guitar... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-08-05 00:08:30   Hey hey Gary! I just listened to the "Popsicles & Icicles" song. It's great! I also went to look for the "Popsicle Truck" song but sadly it was removed from youtube. Thanks so much for sending me the songs though! —PopsicleGirl

2008-08-05 15:07:55   Hey Gary, are you that stoner guy that used to have a reggae show on KDVS? —MartinKing

2009-11-01 14:08:32   what about the webcam do you find troubling? —StevenDaubert

2010-06-05 22:17:43   I'm grateful to Gary for bringing his ukulele to the Open Mic at Poetry Night, first Wednesdays of the month at Bistro 33 and third Thursdays of the month at the Natsoulas Gallery. The featured poet reads around 8, and Gary begins playing typically around 9:10. —DrandyJones

"2010-06-06 20:33:00"   Hey Gary, you wrote above you are: "A long time resident and staff member at Shields Library." Just wondering: do you have a garret or carrel way back in the stacks somewhere you live in? Or something perhaps a bit plusher, a penthouse up on the roof set back from sightlines on the ground? BrianOrr