Gautam S. Joshi

[email protected]

He likes things. This explains why he has thousands of interests, few of which are followed very far, resulting in an over-burdened mind. Fortunately another thing he likes is Eastern philosophy, which affords him the ability to take the problems of his own mind with a grain of salt.

Chronicles of Interesting Crap

[7-20-05] A while ago a friend of mine who's studying at Berkeley was part of a landscape design project on campus that looked really fantastic. I wish I could have seen it in person but the pictures suggest the level of creativity and care that went into the project. Other beautiful landscape art includes The Gates at Central Park that were up in January and February of 2005. There are links to pics on the main site but here are 2 quick links of a bird's eye view and ground level pic with buildings in the background - very cool.

[7-10-05] The first (and greatest yet) entry in the Chronicles of Interesting Stuff is this outlandish piece of fiction I found today when I was wasting hours and hours online. It is on a site called n+1, which is apparently a cool little magazine about all kinds of things. Anyway, this piece (of crap, ha!) is a series of letters from the DMV to a lady named Molly and its mad funny. It may take a while to read but it is well worth the time. It should be posted on the main page, probably because it is new (I don't know their convention) but if it is not there by the time you check, I'm sure you can search for it (author: Toby Barlow).


He loves music more than anything else. He makes various kinds of music that all center around innovative sampling techniques.

He spins records for money with his partner in crime, Scott Edwards, and also for recreation.

He takes pictures of anything that catches his eye like various scenes in New Orleans from Thanksgiving Break of 2002.

He speaks German, aber seiner Grammatik ist furchtbar weil er niemals uebt.

He is fascinated with economics. I know you're thinking "but this guy sounded so cool a minute ago." You'll see... (shaking fist)

He enjoys messing with Web technologies such as CMS's (duh) and CSS (a limited list).

He likes stencils and spray paint.

He is bored of writing his profile in the third person (because nobody else on Davis Wiki knows all this about him) and will now move on to adding obscure and inane information to the wiki.

peace out.