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2010-08-11 10:00:12   Hi George, and a very belated welcome to the Wiki! I notice that a user reverted your change to Printing On Campus. There are actually a lot of folks around here who want to do away with the comment bar entirely. The change of perspective on that page was a little jarring, so one good option is to integrate it into the page text. There was some good information about the source of funds for the computing labs. You can always rewrite it in the third person in the appropriate place on the page. —TomGarberson

2010-08-11 13:06:34   Okay. I'm still getting used to how the Wiki community enforces a clear set of policies (but that's hard to do when it's open for everyone to edit). Live and learn. —GeorgeRobertson

2010-08-11 13:36:10   Perhaps unfortunately, there is no clear set of policies. We try to encourage editors who disagree on an issue to discuss it openly and in a congenial way. Unfortunately, those discussions are in dozens or hundreds of different places on the wiki, and there is rarely complete consensus. So, rather than having rules or policies, we just kind of work together to try to come up with a way of phrasing things that works for everyone involved.

One principle that does find widespread agreement is that more information is good (assuming it's accurate), and the best place for reliable, useful information is generally up in the main page text. Hence the objection to excessive use of comment bars. Thanks for understanding, and please feel free to work with the information to make it more clear, or to correct any inaccuracies. —TomGarberson