Hello, my name is Christopher Cook. I am fascinated about local history and love to contribute to the preservation of the Oakland story. I am especially interested in local flora and fauna and I consider myself an amateur naturalist. I have a love for our local parks and find myself fascinated by the amount of diversity that resides within our city boundaries. I currently head the Friends of Leona Heights Park. Our efforts are leading to the improvement of the park and its amenities. If you are interested in joining our efforts please contact me at [email protected]. In November we are building a couple of trail stairs along York so if you are an able bodied person we could use the help.

Also check out our current wildlife / plant life checklist and join the effort to add to it at:




2013-10-21: Welcome to OaklandWiki! Does the Friends of Leona Heights Park have a web presence? (website, Facebook page, etc.?). - Gene

2013-10-22: Welcome to the Wiki! :D Would love to learn more from you about Oakland nature! Also, what an excellent map! - mk30