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2009-09-12 18:14:27   Ah yeah. I forgot to follow-up saying that Davis Mail became available to transfers. That happened a few months ago and I was excited about that. Just the other day I began to use Thunderbird (an e-mail client) to access Davis Mail (gmail) via IMAP. Very nice. Thanks and good luck! This quarter should be interesting if you've been used to the semester system... I'm definitely a little intimidated. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-12-04 13:32:05   Maybe the staff is not attentive during breakfast. I think I went by one morning and nobody was being served! —hankim

2009-12-13 17:15:55   About the Solo Dining entry on the Explore page... you can always hit the "Info" button and see who (and often why) a change was made. In the case of that edit, it looks like Brent removed it with the somewhat cryptic comment "Revert to version 334 (rm incomplete page (recent changes gets attention) (don't be shy!))". When you edit, you only have a single line to make a comment, so sometimes they are a bit less than clear. In this case, he's saying that he's removing it because the Solo Dining page is not (in his opinion) mature enough to be added to the Explore list. Entries tend to get added to the Explore entry after they have been edited quite a bit and become full of information. He then points out that new entries are listed on the "Recent Changes" tab, which gets them attention so that they are seen by active editors to encourage the growth of the entries by active editors (many of whom watch the list). Finally, he says "Don't be shy!", which is probably him encouraging you to edit and not see the removal as an invalidation of your effort, but just a result of how new and unformed the Solo Dining entry was. I can't speak for him, but I agreed with the removal at the time... the Solo Dining entry is an utterly fantastic idea in my mind — exactly the kind of community zeitgeist that works well on the wiki. At the time he removed it (I saw the edit in "Recent Changes"), I also agreed that it was really just a germ of an idea rather than a fully fleshed out and mature entry. Even now I think it's just on the edge, but at this time I'm not removing it. Always keep in mind that Brent and I are just two editors, just like yourself, and there's always a bit of give and take, back and forth between everybody working on the wiki. Often if you disagree with a fellow editor's changes, you can discuss it and find a workable middle ground, or maybe explain the reason for your edit (or find they have a really compelling reason for their edit you hadn't considered). In short, never take a contrarian edit as an attack or insult — it's just how things work on a wiki as we all edit together. It's basically the opening of a discussion, since it's really easy to toggle back and forth between versions and figure out together what works best. Or in short (and in Brent's own words): "Don't be shy!" —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-12-22 10:36:13   Hi Harry! I left a reply to your question at the bottom of my page. —CovertProfessor

2010-11-08 09:49:21   We do most oral surgery in our office; however, if the extraction is very complicated or if general anesthesia is requested we refer out to a local oral surgeon. Best thing to do is make an appointment for an evaluation and we can asses the tooth and make a recommendation based upon the situation. —DagonJones —— —DagonJones