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This user has whitewashed Brush Creek Apartments, Oakshade Commons Apartments, and Sterling Pointe Apartments probably in the neighborhood of 30 times. The only responses to numerous attempts at outreach have been insults (see user information). Ideas for solutions? I doubt a ban would be effective, even if justified; new accounts and all that. I'm also not sure it's justified. While it's obnoxious and contrary to wiki norms, it's not really harmful in any meaningful way. Possibly some page locks, with a note as to the reason and a link to the talk page for each apartment complex? —TomGarberson

I also don't think a ban would help here. If my memory serves correct, daubert has reached out to her—obviously with no luck. I think a 30-day page lock on each of the pages mentioned would be a good start. -PeteB

What do people want to do? I can lock those three, either globally, or specifically from that account, but I do think there should be a notice at the top. Also, has there been any correspondence with her since the spate of "leave my page alone!" comments on Feb 24th? -jw

Recommended Notification:

This page is being locked due to repeated attempts at removing valid user comments. Any concerns please respond on [insert appropriate talk page link here]

  • That seems good. We need to talk this through. —cp (A couple extra voices here would be good too! -jw)
  • I'm recommending the same lock/notification for Alvarado Parkside Apartments if that person continues to whitewash that page as well. She was invited to the Alvarado Talk page yesterday-no reply so far. —PeteB
    • Eh? What's the big problem? I don't see that many reverts on those pages. If we can't hit revert once a week, the wiki has really become lazy. Locks stifle creative speech, too. —BrentLaabs
    • Brent-once a week??? Sorry man but last night I reverted Alvarado 4 times I believe. These Apartment Managers refuse to work with us. I'm not sure what else to do? Maybe you could call and talk to these specific Management folks and resolve it to avoid the locks? —PeteB
      • That page has been reverted only 3 times in the last 8 years. This account has never edited that page. Anyway, I think we decided long ago that I wasn't going to be the person to talk to businesses on account of me just making them angrier. -BL
        • Some of the reverts were done by editing. Looking at the edit log, it was probably because the account doing things like removing negatives and wiki links (rheascprent in this case) was continuing to repeatedly remove them while Pete was adding a notice to please read their user info. So I'd guess it was an edit conflict where he removed their version. -jw
        • When I was working on it, I never received any Edit conflicts, JW. Fact is I'd restore the statement from previous residents about the internet access issues and they would restore it. It happened more then 3x. —PeteB
        • Ok I will try to reach out next week to hlday and maybe rheascprent as well if my schedule allows it but it'd probably be better if someone local did it. —PeteB