Hi, and welcome to the Davis Wiki. Could you please explain why you deleted the page for EBAustin?


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2011-11-23 17:02:01   Hardhatheff—please remember the Importance of using your RealName especially as a business. Maybe Elicia could open her own acct on the Wiki and post notices using that. Thanks —PeterBoulay

2011-11-30 15:17:50   The page was deleted as we feel that none of our employees should be directly targeted. People were threatening team members and residents who posted positive reflections, defending statements (even when not expressed in a way our team members would like for things to be addressed) or corrections on the West Village pages. This is not a safe business practice for us. And while you seem to respect the rules of the Wiki's "real name" policy, others (such as IDoNotExist and ConsciousConsumer and CovertProfessor, for example) are in clear violation and continue to post. I hope that is understandable and respectfully allowed. —HardHatHeff Covert Professor and IdoNotExist have been around for years, and contribute to the wiki (not just because they represent a business) and have established identity As with EB I look forward to seeing you edit non ramble related things on the wiki Daubert