My name is Henry Stanley, and I'm a professional musician and music instructor who lives and teaches in Davis.  My musical career began in childhood, with nearly a decade of study under the wise and wonderful Frank Conrad, in my hometown of Mountain View. Frank encouraged me to open a teaching practice towards the end of our lessons, and I began teaching professionally several years ago while working towards my bachelor's degree at UC Davis.

As a musician, my primary focus now is on folk music and related modern expressions of classical guitar technique, which I will gladly teach to interested intermediate-to-advanced students. In years past, I've been through varying phases of emphasis in rock, metal, funk, and jazz group performance.

As an educator and mentor, I welcome students with as wide a variety of interests and levels of expertise as I possibly can - including, but certainly not limited to those mentioned above.  I take great joy in working with both complete beginners and established musicians, and all those who lie somewhere between.

Please feel free to write or call with any musical inquiries - whether for guitar lessons, songwriting mentorship, events, or artistic collaborations.

Best wishes,