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This is an archive of older comments pulled from HiMYSYeD's page.

2009-03-08 03:19:38   Himy, we lost the logo you changed in the transition to our new server — here it is:


The day's logo is back up there. Unlike that missing ghost hour, we don't have to wait until November and Eastern Standard Time for it to reappear. Ahhhh the wonderful mysteries of Daylight Savings Time unravelled. Thanks Philip.

2009-03-20 07:18:18   congratulations on 2000 pages... is catching up! :) —AmirSyed

Thanks! ...and we'll see about that :P —HimySyed

2009-05-18 17:59:51   Himy, I was nice to meet my time traveling neighbour from Redcar. —MichaelPerry

2009-07-12 22:59:48   Heads up. We've had a spammer on Davis Wiki that may head here next. Look for dental spam from Users/Thornhill. —JasonAller

Will do. Thanks. —HimySyed

2009-07-17 10:54:55   Hey HiMY: I notice you've added a table of contents to our wiki page (davenport4peace). But unfortunately, only one of the five links works. Can you fix this for me? Cuz it's a great feature and it'll be better when the contents links actually work! Thanks. Love Torontopedia! —RogerRolfe

Roger, Thanks for pointing that out. I missed it on during my quick edit. Subheadlines, when bolded using the three apostrophe marks, seemed to break the TableOfContents macro. I removed the bold formatting and they now work. As you can see, I moved the Table Of Contents box to the top right of the page and re-purposed your sub-headlines so they now appear as Table Of Contents listings. Please revert/change as you deem fit. —HimySyed

2009-09-20 08:59:10   The Thornhill Dentist spammer is back under a new name. Odd, as they are spamming the Davis Wiki again. Strange. You'd think that since they are a Thornhill, Ontario practice, they would spam closer to home. Userinfo. —JabberWokky

2009-10-17 00:46:47   Hi, it's Kathy Tudor. I'm sorry for posting my blurb about the High Park Choirs to so many neighbourhood pages, but we are trying to target the west end. I would like to edit the page you created for our organization, but ever since you did that, you must have also done something to my ability to edit, because I can no longer edit any pages or leave any comments. I had to create a new user ID to leave you this comment. Also, I don't understand what my LinkedIn profile has to do with posting something on this wiki. —KathyTudor2

Good Morning Kathy and thank you for your clarification. It is greatly appreciated. My intention in temporarily disabling your account's ability to edit pages was based upon past experience. Now and then, brand new user accounts have spawned numerous wiki pages being edited rapidly in succession, sometimes within seconds of one another, with weblinks to an offsite commercial website. In such instances, the new account member apparently was trying to achieve some SEO objective for the target website being linked to. One can imagine that perhaps being for a paying client for the perceived SEO activity. Your registering with your RealName and comment here confirms otherwise. Your permission levels on your original KathyTudor are back to normal. I appreciate your combining your enthusiasm for the wiki with your volunteer work in advocating for The High Park Choirs of Toronto. That is exactly Torontopedia's purpose in improving our city. What say you do your best in improving the High Park Choirs of Toronto wiki page. I'll add a little TLC in terms of wiki formatting if it'll help any. Once your editing of the HPC is ready for prime time, we can feature it on the front page of the wiki. How's that sound Kathy? (I'm cross-posting this comment onto your own page.)

2010-06-17 12:18:45   Can you make the front page editable again... It really needs to be cleaned up. —MikeK.

Good to hear from you MikeK.. Edit the Front Page Sandbox and once you're ready, your edits will make it to the Front Page. I trust that's okay.

2010-06-17 15:39:59   Can't figure out how to rename a page. Wikispot instructs a user to "Go into Edit and click "Rename". Links to the old name will automatically redirect to the new page." But I can't find any button or link that says rename. Help!

2010-07-02 02:29:30   An error keeps occurring when I try to leave a comment with a link in it to another Torontopedia page on the Front Page Sandbox. I some how end up editing the Random Thumbnails page instead of being able to leave a comment. —MikeK.

2010-10-06 20:31:34   Hi HiMY, do you have any knowledge of the PEI wiki? There's a bit of confusion with who the administrator is, and we're trying to clear it up with WikiSpot. If it was indeed you, is it possible to appoint me an admin? If you didn't create it, then there seems to be a mix-up and we would appreciate it if you contacted [email protected]KrisBulman

Done. Glad PEI Wiki is in good hands. Running for Mayor of Toronto has my hands tied campaigning. Look forward to meeting you in person one day. Always wanted to walk the red sands of Roseneath and Montague. Thanks for catching the wiki bug! HimySyed

2010-10-24 13:04:15   Also can't find the rename button. I made the mistake of putting the apostrophe in the page name and now the link stops at' when it should be Kai'enne_Tyrmerik. Just need to get the apostrophe out.

Also you rule. My vote's going in for you tomorrow! —KaienneTyrmerik

I think the "rename" button only crops up if you are an "administrator" - at least that's my experience with ptbo. You can work around it by creating the new page and then editing the old page to be a redirect page. If you want to delete the old page (after checking to make sure any links to it are altered appropriate, you may need to get one of the administrators to do that. — j-beda

2010-12-20 12:31:05   Hey HImy,

Did you ever get around to making those changes I suggested for the front page? —MikeK.

2010-12-27 16:48:34   Still haven't heard back from you about the suggested changes. If you are too busy, I make the changes myself if you change the permissions. —MikeK.

2011-01-13 22:38:00   Still waiting to hear back from you about the suggested changes to the front page. —MikeK.

2011-06-17 18:36:54   Still waiting to hear back from you about the suggested changes to the front page. Why don't you just remove the block that only allows yourself to edit it. Let me edit it. What you like, you keep. What you don't like, you can change, and then you can reinstate it so only yourself can edit it. I'll be careful and respectful with what changes I make. —MikeK. —MikeK.

2011-06-17 18:37:34   By frontpage, I mean the "explore" page —MikeK.

2011-08-09 00:23:21   Still waiting to hear back from you about the proposed changes. —MikeK.

2011-10-05 19:29:34   Excellent wiki! Thank you for all your work. Note that the "About the Ontario Science Centre" section that you added to the old page revision was a copy of copyrighted content: the last two paragraphs of . Does it make sense to you that it's better not to copy that type of content onto a Creative Commons-licensed wiki? —Unforgettableid

2011-10-12 22:06:06   Some started another Toronto Wiki:

Also, still waiting to hear back about the proposed changes. This is seriously killing my enthusiasm for contributing. —MikeK.

2011-11-30 21:24:17   Still waiting... I am wondering if you even check the comments page. —MikeK.

Doing my best to balance my limited time online with all the demands that go with it. The Front Page has grown and is quite busy. I'd like to prune it to something along the lines of DavisWiki and RocWiki which is more inviting to first time visitors.

2011-12-16 13:40:05   I agree - it should be pruned. I'd like to help. I can send you a proposed revision of the front page in a word doc for you to review and make additions/corrections. Let me know if this works. —MikeK.

Mike, I bumped up your account permissions. You should be able to edit the Front Page now.

Finally have some time to get around to this - I can edit the Front Page - but not the Explore page, which is what needs to be revamped. —MikeK.

You can now edit the Explore page now Mike. Let's see your revamp.

June 28, 2008, 1720pm. Hi Himy, I'm euges429. I own and operate Rethink Toronto,, a travel guide to Toronto, Canada. I would like to suggest some sort of partnership between our two sites. Since this comment box is public, I've not listed my real name, but please contact me at [email protected] I look forward to working with you to get other people interested and passionate (if not just more informed) about our hometown! Best, euges429. (You may delete this after you read this.) —euges429

euges429, one of our community norms is that people use their real names. I also see that you went and started your own wiki. So I don't know exactly what it is you have in mind? I believe you asked to use a photo or two of mine on your rethink toronto website, which as I recall I agreed to. Perhaps if it ain't too much of me to ask you register with your real name and then ask what it is you have in mind, I'll ask you to do that. —HimySyed

2007-06-08 15:22:55   Hi HiMY. Great site! My site is ( - a new Toronto apartment rental and review site. We have quite a bit of info. on neighbourhoods and general renting info. that I could probably add to the neighbourhoods section and the Rental Housing Guide. I was wondering if inputting links to my site in certain relevant sections (i.e. in the Housing and Accomodation section of each neighbourhood or in the Rental Housing Guide) was legit. The links would be relevant but they are for a commercial site. It wasn't clear in the FAQ so I thought I'd ask. Please let me know - thanks! Jeff ([email protected]) —JeffH

2007-06-14 15:34:04   JeffH, I've been surfing for a while now to get the feel for what you're doing. I'd say just go ahead and use your best judgement when linking to pages within your site. If it's overtly objectionable, someone within the wiki community here will simply edit it :-). When in doubt, leave a good page edit comment as to why you're linking your edits to pages offsite. JeffH, thanks for joining our wiki community and we certainly need your help in building up the Rental Housing Guide page. —HimySyed

2007-06-18 22:22:16   Hey Himy, have you looked into an alternative background logo for the wiki? The current one isn't big enough and because of its photographic-y nature it's hard to make it match up. I'm starting up a help making a logo page because I think others usually like to help out with this kind of stuff! Best, —PhilipNeustrom

2007-06-29 12:39:56   Himy, i'm a wiki developer/facilitator interested in learning more about the project and about combining efforts to build wiki communities. Send me an email and lets arrange a chat. mlpilling —mlpilling

Welcome to Torontopedia mlpilling, leave your email here or on your user page. You can learn about the wiki here in the meantime. As you're familiar with wikis already, please jump right in and add pages which you'd like to see. —HimySyed

2007-07-11 09:22:52   Himy, I read about Torontopedia in the National Post. Your name was familiar but I couldn't place you. Did you run a tennis racquet stringing business in the early 90's? —AndreWright

Welcome to the Wiki Andre. Not exactly, I was born in Wimbledon and tennis has always been associated with me. Think back to about 1987 and how you were, ahem, discovering telephony technology and you should be able to better place me.

2007-07-15 07:55:39   I can't remember the details but did you run a bulletin board on PunterNet? Mine was node 36, I believe... —AndreWright

2007-08-13 20:22:22   Hey Himy, not sure if you've been chatting with Rosanna, but hopefully you've seen her logo sketch on the Help making a logo page. —PhilipNeustrom

Thanks Philip, just fell behind in updates, we now have a Wiki Community/Logo page up with Rosanna's Logo contributions. —HimySyed

2007-08-27 12:34:31   Hello HiMY! Is there any way to change a Wiki user's "real name" other than re-registering with a new e-mail address? Please say yes! —rhs

Happy Monday rhs! The short answer is...not at the moment. You would indeed hafta create a new UserName, (preferably your RealName :). Taking your question into account, I've suggested how to go about at the bottom of the Importance of using your RealName page. Hope that clarifies and answers your question. —HimySyed

2007-09-10 15:04:39   Hi Himy! I'm a local reporter with the Town Crier newspaper. I've been navigating around this site all day. I'm wondering if you and/or Karen are available for a phone interview and picture sometime tomorrow or Wednesday, as I'd like to write an article about torontopedia for our Bloor Bay edition. I can be reached at . Thanks! —KarolynCoorsh

Karolyn, Welcome to the Wiki. I've just sent you an email with our contact info. Looking forward to speaking with you in the next day or so. —HimySyed

2007-10-05 06:32:01   Hi You once asked wikispot how to deal with multilingual pages: have you got a solution ? I'm having the same problem Best philippe —philacour

2007-10-10 14:50:20   Wow — awesome logo today! —PhilipNeustrom

Thanks Philip. It's Provincial Election Day here in Ontario. I hadn't had the time to profile each and every candidate and party and provincial riding like I had intended to...but at least we have a okay themed logo for the day. —HimySyed

2007-10-14 23:46:34   Hi Himy - It's Mike. I added colour to the recurrent events page. Similar to this website :

2007-11-01 12:35:43   EVENT THAT MAY INTEREST YOU (3rd annual Usury Free Week) :

Thanks for the event information Mike, are you attending UsuryFree Day? —HimySyed

2007-11-05 15:21:11   Working on promoting the site. + going to msg out Fun Toronto facebook group (appox 2000 people) + will think of other ways to promote ... we'll surpass Davis & Rochester yet! :D —MikeK.

2007-11-05 15:21:48   Yes I am attending the workshop next Tuesday —MikeK.

2007-11-07 17:19:17   A few new people since yesterday. I redid the "explore" page ... though still needs some work to categorize things (mainly About Toronto and City Life) —MikeK.

2007-11-10 06:43:44   Wow! 1400 pages and counting!!! —AmirSyed

2007-11-18 23:25:35   Himy M.I.A.? —MikeK.

2007-11-18 23:43:32   Hi Himy, the front page looks a little disjointed, I think it needs to be streamlined —AmirSyed

2007-11-28 16:06:24   Howdy, Himy... I reverted a news article MikeK. added as a comment to your entry (the copyright notice saying not to copy it was right at the bottom). It's still in the entry history if you want to read it or use the admin magic revert button to clean it from the wiki. Your call, of course... just trying to help keep the wiki content free and legitimately Creative Commons. (And no offense to MikeK. intended either, it's just a simple copyright issue). —JabberWokky

2007-12-05 01:51:33   What company do you use to (1) Host your various websites, (2) Register and renew your domain names (Godaddy?) Thx —MikeK. and http://gandi.netHimySyed

2008-01-16 15:17:26   Hi HiMY - I am looking thru torontopedia for the first time & am impressed. But I have a Q. I have info on a TV series that is featuring good old TO & I want to send you the info in case you want to post/review it for your members - how do I send you info direct ? Corey ([email protected]) —CoreyHenry

2008-04-01 16:24:13   I saw you on an episode of Kenny V.S. Spenny. Come on out to the Regenesis Launch Party tomorrow. Thursday, June 5th, 2008 at the BLVD Room (81 Peter St. @ Adelaide). We start at 7pm. Our guest speaker is Frank De Jong. We have a salsa band, a date auction, a fashion show, etc. Come take photos!!!

2008-06-28 22:31:04   Hi HiMy. My real name is EugeneChan. What is your flickr ID? I have asked a few people on flickr, and am not sure who you are exactly on the website! :) Regarding the wiki that I created, yeah I created that, but I wasn't sure how to set it up, so I've pretty much abandoned it. It won't be a competitor to your in any way, rest assured. Anyway, I would feel it best for us to discuss a possible arrangement between our two sites through e-mail. Please, again, e-mail me at [email protected] This discussion should not be out in the public. Just to describe briefly, I would like to "use" as the 'official' wiki for my site. Nothing extravagant, I would link to your article, say, on Casa Loma, from my Casa Loma site. Nothing fancy, and all I ask is for you to do the same, from your site (wiki page) to mine. Again, let's talk through e-mail. It is utterly inappropriate to post a (semi-)business discussion here in the open. -EugeneChan —euges429

2008-06-28 22:33:03   How can I change my username on I'm still a newbie to your site. Thanks. —euges429

2008-07-02 21:17:27   Hello HiMY, I run the wiki Melpedia ( the open directory of Melbourne. I'm currently in Toronto for the next couple of weeks evaluating the possibility of starting a Toronto version of the site within the next few months. Are you available some time over the next week and a half to get together over a coffee? Thanks, Samuel —SamuelRichardson

2008-07-23 14:25:23   Can you delete the PhilipNeustrom redirect that's here? (I'd do it myself, but page deleting is disabled for non-admins) —PhilipNeustrom