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Once upon a time (back in 1972- 1974) Hilary Bartle was an undergrad at UC Davis. She'd been to visit a friend who was enrolled there a few times (and encountered an early version of the WEF in 1970) so when things got too crazy in Berkeley where she was, she transferred up to Davis. Being insatiably curious, this elefant's child got involved in the WEF in 1973 as part of the Karma Patrol. Originally we were a First Aid and Lost Children sort of thing, but that rapidly expanded to aiding trippers, picking up glass shards on the Quad, talking down altercations and helping the Diggers serve free food to festival-goers. We also slept on the stage at night to help prevent theft of gear. I helped to create the first Tshirts and rainbow banners (still an Art Dept offtime project in those days). I've been back most years since, my kids grew up at the WEF and it's a fine way for me to spend Grandmother's Day these days.