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My hometown is Toronto, Canada.

Since 1986, I’ve lived on and off in the Bay Area, beginning in Mill Valley in 1986; Santa Clara in 1992; in 2004-2005 Fremont in the South Bay.

January 2013 - June 12 2013: visiting family in the Bay Area, I’m currently based in Milpitas and Fremont in the South Bay.

Editing pages on SFwiki and OaklandWiki while I’m here.

On February 23, 2013, I attended Open Data Day Oakland at 81st Avenue Branch Library.

Inspired seeing how much your OaklandWiki Community has accomplished in such a short amount of time!

Twitter : @HiMYSYeD / @TorontoWiki | Website : | Videoblog | Photos : Flickr

June 9 2013

Selfie with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan!
Standing atop the Brand New Lake Merritt Pedestrian Footbridge on Love Our Lake Day!



June 8 2013

I'm leaving the Bay Area and heading back home on Wednesday June 12 2013. Appropriately enough, I'll be flying out of Oakland International Airport.

Intending to attend Love Our Lake Day ( Sunday June 9 2013 ).

May 7 2013

Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out and those who joined The Oakland Wiki Jane Jacobs Walk 2013 on Sunday! Edited in photos from the walk, see them at the bottom of the page.

May 2 2013

Wiki Note to Self : OaklandWiki’s Front Page is LocalWiki native rather than looking like the majority of legacy Wikispot Front Pages. Most people don’t navigate through the wiki from the front page anyway. They end up at specific pages directly from a search engine result or weblink elsewhere. Reading Mitch Joel’s blog post Every Page Is Your Homepage reminded and re-enforced this gut feeling I had about making each wiki page the best it can be. Why? Because Every Wiki Page IS your Front Page.

April 6 2013

”Oakland is the NEW Brooklyn!!!” -- Art Murmur, First Friday April 5 2013Spent Friday afternoon and evening biking around and snapping photographs around the North Side of town until winding up at Art Murmur / First Friday on Telegraph.

I BARTed with my bike from the South Bay and made it right on time to Lighthouse Mosque for my Friday Prayers.

Then it was ride the bike and take photographs time.

Adding those photographs to corresponding pages, or creating pages as needed, this Saturday afternoon....

All that biking has my muscles aching. heh heh... Getting Old!

Altogether realizing just how under-the-radar AMAZING the entire City of Oakland is... Surprised, very surprised actually.

I think the brotha standing atop the Art Murmur art car holler’d it best, “Oakland is the NEW Brooklyn!!!”

If as an outsider, this OaklandWiki is having such an impact on me as an overall experience, I sincerely believe once the wider Oakland Community, the regular residents of Oakland that is, come to use the site eventually on an everyday basis, it will go a long way to improving your city overall.

Okay, now back to uploading and editing.

April 2 2014

I am in Medellín, Colombia at the moment editing my page. Testing to see how I actually feel editing a page with this Complete URL compared with a[City Wiki Name_____/_Name of Wiki page______. ...and yep.

I ain't happy AT ALL about "Losing" the Identity of the Complete URL.

That's all. This edit was for me. Bye HiMY.

April 3 2013

Okay Okay Okay... let’s see how many Oakland photos sitting in my phone’s memory can make its way onto corresponding wiki pages tonight... :-)

March 31 2013

Wrapping up in the Oakland History Room at the Big History Editathon!

  • History of Annexation - Added photo I took of Oakland Tribune article from 1909 and summarized results
  • Alan Cohen - Created a page about Prof. Cohen who I met in person at my table in Oakland History Room while editing the above page about Annexation.
  • Harrison Railroad Park - This is an apparent forgotten outdoor museum in Oakland’s History. It was located where Chinese Garden Park is today. I wonder what happened to it? Because time ran out as we approached 5 o’clock closing time in the Oakland History Room, I really want to return to read the rest of the news clippings to find out why it’s gone.

I only worked on the above three entries, but wow! The History Room is an incredible resource! I don’t know how many cities have such an important space.

VIDEO of Oakland - March 28 2013

Personal Pages in Progress ( Last updated Tuesday March 26 2013 )

Last week and back in February, I took photos around Oakland.

Currently adding them to existing pages, and will seed pages with images that don’t yet have their own page.

So far have been leaving note that I personally took the photo for OaklandWiki in the Wiki Edit notes, however, I now understand, the need to self-credit the source of my photos for OaklandWiki onto the pages themselves... Okay :-)

UPDATE: I’m putting “CC-A Photo by HiMY SYeD for Oakland Wiki” in the files names of photos I’m uploading onto their respective pages.

  • Pages tagged “Masjid”

  • Free Broadway Shuttle


  • Hello Himy!! I’ve been meaning to thank you for coming to meet us and ask us all the questions you did (which were a lot, and which were very good for me in how I think about organizing the wiki and its volunteer community). You wouldn’t happen to still be in the Bay Area? If so, you should come hang out with us again! You just missed an excellent vegan pizza party where we got to work a bit on the Vegetarians and Vegans portal, and this coming weekend we are having another gathering at one of our volunteer’s (*cough* my) private residence. Come say hey! If you’re not in town, either come back soon or expect to see us at the global annual local wiki conference. :] ~Vicky/eekiv
    • PS: I have your magnet on my refrigerator!
      • Happy Monday Evening Vicky! I’m still here in the South Bay, staying in Milpitas / Fremont. Been following the wiki via Recent Changes page etc. You’ll see me plough through a backlog of pages that I’ve been intending to create. ..but since the pages aren’t created yet, the only “backlog” is from my point of view... if that makes any sense. The wiki organizing / learning is mutual. Your OaklandWiki community incarnate is inspiring in its... Simplexity (for want of a better descriptor) ! I have already have something this upcoming weekend. Nevertheless, I do intend to attend future OW meetups as I can. Hopefully with a healthy number of page contributions under my belt. See ya! :-).
        ~ HiMY! ~
        • Ah you have become a recent changes addict! I’m so happy that you’re pursuing your backlog, and am curious to hear you delve into what you mean by “Simplexity”. Well, you know when/where we meet! I’m taking some time today to work on OW events. There are a few ideas in the works, and it’s just a matter of announcing them! Words are a powerful tool. :] ~eek

  • 3/27/13- yay for all of your awesome pictures!! -gk

More pictures on their way gk !

  • 2013-03-31: awesome to meet you today and be blasted into submission by a pure torrent of thought. As a geek, that’s my idea of time well spent! Glad to be your sounding board, though next time I’ll be sure to pound a few espressos first so I can follow you even better! -Mike

Likewise Mike! Actually, I was blown away you actually knew about my hometown’s Mayor and his latest foibles via BoingBoing. Appreciate your being the Sounding Board for my LocalWiki / Oakland thoughts out loud last night. It was very helpful and deeply appreciated.

  • 2013-03-31: Thanks again for coming, participating, and learning with us! The more we can learn from each others’ experiences, the more awesome localwikis we can build. See you again soon, - mk30

It was an amazing afternoon. Anything OaklandWiki related is always time well spent. :-)

  • 2013-04-20- you’re not allowed to go back to toronto. i see you’re editing events, and i was just, like 20 minutes ago, thinking about what may events to put up for you. don’t go back! -gk

GK, You’ll have me here a while’s longer...

On a sorta-related note: As of right now, OaklandWiki at 3115 pages has surpassed TorontoWiki’s page count of 3084.

  • 2013-05-17 Hi Himy! Mike here ... saw this and thought of you ;^)

Yeah... that animation is way over the top. However, it could not have been made without the source material to begin with. It is painful to see my home city go through this. The documentary film I am making about Rob Ford has to include this latest “episode”, it is not something I relish filming segments for nor editing thereafter. Good to hear from you Mike. Thanks for thinking of me … Now go make fun of the former Mayor of D.C. will ya! :-).

  • 2013-05-19 I imagine especially given your personal efforts to keep Toronto honest, even jokey stuff like this could be hard to take, so sorry if I inadvertently piled on the chagrin. However I assure you this clown alone is thoroughly powerless to undermine Toronto’s or Canada’s stellar international reputation. Everyone everywhere knows Toronto/Canada are, on the whole, awesome and all he’s doing is making himself look worse. But how did you know I lived in DC during the “bitch set me up” years?
    • Mike, your “stellar international reputation” words mean a lot to me. Looking through the online lens of Toronto’s local media coverage on the international reporting of the story gives one a very different, very negative perception. Navel gazing, I know, but on a city-wide level in this case … You might recall after the history editathon meetup, we chatted and I did indeed describe Rob Ford as Toronto’s Marion Barry. That’s why I made the D.C. reference above.
      • Oh! Well, we probably covered lots more too; your memory is better than mine ;^) Anyway, I stopped by today (2013-06-01) looking for your YouTube-embed code, and did a wee bit of cleanup after I found it. Hope you’re keepin’ on!

  • 2013-06-08 you're not allowed to leave -gk

hahahahah :-)     - HiMY

  • 2013-06-08: NOOOOO! Take away his passport and plane ticket so he can't leave! - Gene

  • 9/14/13 are you back??!!! -gk

In Downtown Toronto, editing from here :-)

i can tell you miss us- come home soon!