This is not a joke. There is an actual Dr. Tupac.

My name is Howard and I'm a super senior at UCD majoring in physics and minoring in economics. My hometown is Hanford, CA. Fall '09 is supposed to be my last quarter here.

Some this and thats:

  • Has taken apart 4 laptops for repairs... and found it fun.
  • Favorite building material in 2006: cardboard.
  • So sarcastic sometimes I can't tell if I'm being serious or not.
  • Likes to garden.
  • Howard isn't a very common name so when people first meet me they remember me by a different name. A few notable ones are: Norman, Richard, Harold, Harvy.
  • Currently volunteering at the Northern CA. Nanotechnology Center in Kemper hall.
  • While in Davis I've volunteered at the UCD Craft Center, worked as a gardener for people around town, worked on a campaign, became a hobby bike rider/repairer.
  • Became obsessed with smartphones summer '08.
  • Became obsessed with electronics summer '09 while finishing up a hobby robot belonging to brandonhkey.
  • Became engrossed in a job working in the cleanroom on campus.