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2011-11-10 18:49:37   Hey, I noticed your comment on The Ramble Apartments, and thought I might drop a note to clarify something. Wikis are generally full of opinion and lots of back and forth. You're probably thinking of Wikipedia, which is a project that uses wiki software to write an encyclopedia. That's a specific goal, so they have all kinds of rules regarding content. Traditionally wikis don't have lots of rules, and the content is managed and edited by the people who use them. You're not alone in accidentally equating wikis and the Wikipedia project; there's even a community written welcome page that covers it. That said, the fact that there are no rules makes it incumbent upon people like you to point out when there is imbalance, and the community as a whole work to address any such situation. I know you've been around for a bit, but welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, jw.dw@timewarp.org