Hi All, I am Ian McKinnon and I am a married (to a most wonderful woman named Innisfree) older undergrad at UC Davis. I am working on my A.B. in Anthropology / Archeology and my main interest is in the use of technology in archeology such as GIS, data and surface modeling. As far as cultures, I am interested in the Bandkeramik of the central Danube as well as the Moche and Chavin cultures in Peru. Before becoming an archeology major I worked in the I.T. industry as a network engineer until I decided to re-educate myself from a job to a passion and then off to grad school. After working for 15 years with Windows machines and servers, I am now very much a Mac and Linux person. I decided that I like systems that just work without having to futz with them every few days.

On the even geekier side, I also run role-playing games and have done so for over 25 years. Most older stuff like MERP (modified), Call of Cthulhu and Traveller / Traveller 2300. Though I have been known to run other games like Morrow Project and the boardgame of Battletech (classic rules please!) from time to time. I also paint miniatures and have a fair collection. Currently I am looking to form a new gaming group in Davis as my old one after three years all took off in different directions to get on with their lives (the trials of living in a college town)