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Welcome to the Wiki. Thanks for uploading a picture to Patrol Plus Private Security. You might want to read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. You removed the list of local apartment complexes that use Patrol Plus' services, but didn't offer an explanation as to why. Not every complex has security and of those that do, they don't all necessarily use Patrol Plus, so it is relevant to list the ones that do. (If the list isn't complete/accurate, help make it so it is!) It's also what makes the article pertinent to Davis - otherwise it's just an article about a business in Roseville. Usually, we don't make unsigned "I ..." statements in the article, because it gets confusing to read - those are better placed in the comments box. And, although I don't think any harm was done this time, it's generally considered bad form to edit someone else's comments in the comments box because, to the casual reader, it looks like that person said something that they didn't! That said, I hope you continue to make positive contributions; welcome! —RyanCoates

2008-12-05 21:16:29   Howdy, J. I restored the comments you deleted. Is there a reason you removed them? In general, comments about subjects in Davis, both positive and negative are protected by most wiki editors. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards