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Live in Rochester. Relatives in Buffalo started living there almost a century ago. Visit Buffalo rarely, but like Buffalo Wings, Beef on Weck, etc.

Have put some info on the site which is of interest to Buffalo (publications)

I just found out today (April 8, 2010) that my RocWiki user name and password works on other Wiki sites, like this one.

So Why is RocWiki not on the same list of sites that the BufWiki is on for New York State?


2010-04-13 08:44:55   wiki link RocWiki, add comments box for interaction —BradMandell

2010-04-13 08:51:06   Hi Jack, left you a similar message over on RocWiki. If you check out my User Stats you will see I am the major contributor - also an Admin. Took a long time to port lots of my work from RocWiki over herem and create a lot of new content as well.

BufWiki is hosted on the free WikiSpot site, whereas RocWiki has its own server (used to be on WikiSpot). Don't know why your UserName and PW worked, I had to register separately.

When I get some time I will try to port over some of the Pubs stuff, it is a little tedious because RocWiki headers have CSS changes not available here, so they have to be edited.