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2011-06-18 21:06:09   Hello and welcome to the Wiki! By candy for diabetics, I am assuming you are looking for sugar free candy? I think Target should have some but if you want something that you can actually give as a gift, you might want to check out The Candy House of Davis. —hankim

2011-06-19 08:09:09   Hi Jacob! I'm not the head honcho by any means, just one of the many people who enjoy fiddling around on the Wiki. Han's suggestions of Target or the Candy House seem like your two best bets. CVS also has a fairly large candy section, so they'd be likely to have a couple of sugar free options. Like Han said, though, the Candy House would be the place to go for gift-friendly candies. You might want to call ahead to check whether they have what you're looking for.

I know Safeway also does sugar free cakes and frostings. Let Them Eat Cake might have similar options; I'm not sure. —TomGarberson