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Long-time Davis resident, kids in town, work local. My main reason for a page is my Top Tens

Top-ten favorite foods in Davis

  1. Crab cakes at Mustard Seed for lunch.

  2. Fish shabu-shabu in spicy broth at Red Orchid

  3. Greek crepe at Crepeville

  4. Curried fish at Kathmandu

  5. Sadly, the Burger King BK fish

  6. Feta prawns at Symposium

  7. Red snapper at Sophia's

  8. Salmon burrito at Dos Coyotes

  9. Virtually everthing at Tucos

  10. ?

Local hiking and dog walking

  1. Putah Creek on UC property west of campus

  2. BLM land about (left and right) the Cold Canyon reserve

  3. Point Isabel in Berkeley

Places that fuss about dogs for absolutely no reason except they can (you realize an energetic dog gets virtually no exercise if he's on a leash).

  1. Davis cemetery

  2. Davis greenbelts

  3. Slide Hill Park

  4. parts of UC davis property where dogs are supposed to be on leashes

  5. Community park

  6. Vic Fazio wildlife area

  7. UC Davis arboretum

Great lists! There's no reason to be ashamed about liking the BK Big Fish. If it appeals to your tastes, don't worry about perception. Enjoy what you enjoy! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

Welcome to the wiki! I gave you some links for your top tens. It seems that you and I share interests in eating out and in off-leash activities with our dogs! —CovertProfessor