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2013-09-16 12:49:38   Welcome to the Wiki, Janet. Using your real name has always been a concern on every Wiki I've been involved with. Front Page really isn't a proper place to discuss it, so I moved your comment to Identity/talk. There's also a page called Importance of using your RealName you might want to check into. —PeteB

2013-09-16 13:20:55   And even some of us editing with nicknames are quite friendly and have plenty of "get to know you" info on our editor profiles. —JabberWokky

2013-09-16 13:42:51   Janet-please don't change Front Page—again it is not the proper page to hold a discussion. —PeteB

2013-09-16 15:27:27   What's your real name then, Janet? ☺ —ConstantiaOomen

2013-09-16 16:12:10   PeteB, are you the owner of the Davis Wiki? Who gets to decide what goes where? Doesn't this violate the spirit of the Wiki? —JanetY

  • Janet—there is no "owner" of the Wiki. This a community-run Wiki and decision is made by consensus. Did you look at the first comment on this page I left you—please do so. There's some good info for you there." —PeteB

2013-09-16 16:46:10   Actually, what I said is something I will very much stand behind. Feel free to call me to discuss this: (814) 889-8845. You're insisting that a bunch of other people are acting in the wrong when they correct you. Either a bunch of people who have been using the wiki for many years have suddenly and irrationally decided to single you out and pick on you for no reason, or you're simply making an accidental mistake over and over again, and thus demanding that your way is the only way. That unilateral demand with no willingness to talk to other editors is rude, but (and I make this clear in my comment) is either out of innocent ignorance or willful malice. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you are simply confused. Several others have moved on to assume you are simply being a jerk for the sake of being nasty. I'm happy to continue to consider this simply a terribly bad introduction simply because you are unfamiliar with the wiki. Again, if you'd like to talk, I'm extending an offer to a friendly chat and try to help you out: (814) 889-8845. —JabberWokky

2013-09-16 17:12:26   @ Janet - Please give us your full name first. Mine is the one you see. — Acually it is Constantia Maria Oomen. PS: do you want to see my ID?, here it is: linkConstantiaOomen

2013-09-16 18:01:54   Here is another ID: indulge yourself! ConstantiaOomen

2013-09-16 18:58:33   this is that user that got banned a while. Same style or writing / confrontation. Thanks for taking the high road jw —StevenDaubert