Janice discovered at a young age that people like her... all these years and she hasn't stopped soaking it up. She isn't sure why, but as long as they don't stop, its all good. She gives her all to her friends.

She likes to think she is unique, just like everyone else.

Janice has been braiding hair at weddings, renaissance faires, and for special occasions for almost a decade now. She loves long hair and has been known to psuedo-randomly braid friends when bored. She is a member of the English Country Dancers at Davis.

You might see her at Renaissance Faires

or possibly at The Great Dickens Christmas fair in San Francisco.

She is always willing to talk and make new friends. She will admit to being vain about her looks.(She is annoyed with herself at the moment for speaking of herself in the third person) She is mostly harmless and everywhere on the internet she is barelyproper... on livejournal and instant messengers. She has recently been self-reclassified as a Davis Groupie now that she lives in Sacramento. She doesn't know what else to say about herself, so she will end this here and invite anyone who knows her to add to this as they please.