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2010-07-20 17:17:48   Welcome to the Wiki, please read the information for business owners. If there was a change of management then ask how to archive the comments on the page rather than deleting them. —JasonAller

2010-07-30 16:40:11   Hi there! I just saw your comment on the Business Owners' page. That's not really the best place to pose questions like that, because it is very easy to get overlooked. In response to that, you can think of the wiki like a community library. Everyone donates information, then people come in often to check what's there. As such, when you remove/destroy comments that have been left by other editors you are destroying community property. As said below, if the comments refer to outdated management, then they can be archived, but not deleted. Since text takes up so little space we like to keep records of what was if only for history's sake. —MasonMurray