Jeff Garbutt, RN, MPH, is Vice-President of Burger Rehabilitations Systems, Inc., a physical therapy provider with 13 company-owned clinics including one in Davis.

Contact Info: Jeff Garbutt, RN, MPH, Vice President 1301 East Bidwell Street Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: 800-900-8491 Fax: 916-983-5925 Email: [email protected] Web:


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2006-06-01 16:17:44   Hey Jeff. Deleting a page because you don't like what it says isn't the way the wiki works. You'll be over-ruled by me and everyone else here. If you feel that the page is unfair, then make it fair! You're welcome to leave a positive comment. —KaiTing

2006-06-02 11:18:42   I don't need to spend more time on this other than to say that to the extent that any single entity is singled out for comments when many like providers are on the landscape only begs the question of motives. s —JeffGarbutt

2006-06-02 11:18:47   Since we're discussing motives ... what is your motive for continually deleting the page? Perhaps Burger Rehab has something to hide? Anyhow, stop deleting the page. For one, you're just stirring up negative PR for your business. For another, this isn't the way wiki works. To learn more about our wiki and how it works, see Wiki Ethics. —KaiTing

2006-06-03 02:33:57   Yeah Jeff, you may question the negative comments on your business's page, but do it by adding content, not by removing it. —KenjiYamada