Joined on Jan 19, 2008

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Jeff Hudson aka DJ Jef Leppard moved to Grand Rapids in the late 80s. He appears to think it is still the late 80s, as evidenced by the music he plays at his "Retro D'Luxe" dance night at Drink Ultralounge which he has been hosting since 2004.
While in Grand Rapids, Jeff has been involved in a number of activities to avoid having to seek normal employment. Some points of "interest:"
-Produced many unusual programs on the public access channel, GRTV, including Nothing TV and The Great Daryl Nathan Entertainment Show.
-Co-created a monthly magazine called "Slak" and served as Art Director for Music Revue.
-Played with a band called LSDudes from 1998-2007.
-Currently the lead tech dude at Wealthy Theatre.