* I like flying and I fly out of University Airport with the lovely people at CAFF. * I am a perpetual student. I'm not sure if I'll ever graduate. * Related to both of the above, I am studying Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. * I like cooking, and I finally moved into a place with a yard, so I'm looking forward to eating lots of food from my garden this summer. * My new house is but half a mile from my old, mold-infested place at Parkside Apartments. I had quite an unpleasant experience there, I do not recommend that complex.

These are some of my favorite places

Restaurants: - Thai Recipes - Their curry is delicious and I love the fact that you can pick your level of spiciness. - Burgers and Brew - Turkey burgers are awesome and they have a lot of additions that I don't see at a lot of places. - Lamppost Pizza - They have delicious crust and fresh ingredients. Yummmm. - Chuy's Taqueria - Best burritos around! They are the only place I know of that don't put salsa in their guacamole, so when I ask for no salsa in my burrito, I actually get it. - Yolo Berry Yogurt - I love yogurt. I go there at least twice a week in the summer. - Raja's - The old man is super nice and the food is delicious. I always leave feeling stuffed. - Davis Sushi Buffet - I love salmon. This place lets me eat as much of it as I want. They also have shrimp tempura which is always good. - Davis Creamery - I love ice cream.

Non-restaurants: - University Airport, of course. I spend all too much time there. Come by on the weekends and say hi! I'll be the lonely one sitting in the office when you get to go fly! - Davis Farmers Market, especially Picnic in the Park nights. I love the music and it's great to see a community in action. The food's not bad either! - Pedrick Produce, on non-farmer's market days. - Community Park. It helps that I live right across the street from it. - Big Kids' Park - Wheeeeeeeeee, a merry-go-round big enough for me! - Lake Solano County Park is a great place to spend an afternoon. It's a bit of a drive (or bike ride!) but definitely worth it to have a picnic and take a walk along the lake. The ranger is nice too, even though he is a ranger. He only warned me when I didn't pay for parking (I paid shortly thereafter...), and he let me and my friend into the campground after hours one night (what kind of campground has closing hours anyway?).


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2010-04-05 07:44:32   What kind of airplane is that? There's a few pilots here, let us know a little more about your flying. —JimStewart

2010-04-05 11:36:34   That's a Cessna 172, though (little known fact) I was actually in the back seat when this picture was taken. I fly 152s mainly but I snag a 172 every once in a while when I'm bringing other people along. Maybe one of these days everything will come together and I can actually get my license! —JenniferCook

2010-04-06 11:44:27   Did you ever get your mold problems dealt with? —WilliamLewis

2010-04-06 22:51:20   Kinda, not really. We moved out at the end of March and are now waiting for deposit money back (though I'm not holding my breath). I am sure they are eager to paint over all of the evidence ASAP and not actually fix the problem so that a new tenant can move in. I will be giving my two cents on the appropriate wiki page when this ordeal is over with. —JenniferCook

2010-04-06 23:00:18   The BBB and, potentially, small claims court are great negotiating tools. Keep in close contact with them until you get your deposit—and after, if necessary. —TomGarberson

2010-04-07 00:15:13   Thanks for the advice, Tom. Though I really don't want to, I plan on pursuing it further if we don't get our deposit back. Legally, we can sue them for damages and back rent starting when we first saw signs of the problem (October), but what I have discovered is that it's really difficult to get people to back me up on this because so many programs have been cut because of budget cuts. —JenniferCook

2010-04-30 22:26:21   I promise not to stab you too much :) —DagonJones

2010-05-19 23:35:05   Good catch —StevenDaubert

2010-05-23 14:24:01   right around 1/2 hour. It was about the edge of possibility. —ARWENNHOLD

2010-05-24 17:56:52   I emailed the photo editor. He said he was unaware it was a problem and that it wouldn't happen again. —WilliamLewis

2010-05-25 16:16:06   Would you like to have sushi on Thursday or Friday? BradCuppy is going to be in town and might like to meet some other wiki people. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-06-03 11:44:05   call the office line at 756-5300. or you can email me at dagonjones at gmail dot com —DagonJones

2010-07-16 13:43:25   Awesome. I always miss Korean food whenever I am up here. —hankim

2010-07-17 22:50:50   Your comment brought to mind "The Call" by the Backstreet Boys for some reason. —hankim

2010-07-18 11:04:57   Question for you: if I wanted to bring my kid to the University Airport just to hang out and watch planes land/takeoff, is that cool? Where is a good place to go so that I don't get Homeland Securitied into oblivion? —3prong

2010-09-14 19:53:01   Hopefully, I'll be back. —WilliamLewis

2010-09-14 23:42:53   The people of LUGOD would likely be of help. Penguin power! —WilliamLewis

2010-09-21 15:59:48   LUGOD is having an installfest this Saturday. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-09-25 14:29:25   My pleasure. You might like the aerial photo I took this morning of D-Q University while I was flying around. —JimStewart

2010-11-28 17:39:49   But REALLY ODD spam! —JabberWokky

2011-04-07 00:01:50   Wow, having an off day I guess. Looked at it and it looked like one of those dating spam things. Guess that means bedtime. —hankim

2011-05-07 18:06:18   Good save on the spam

we were all at the BBQ —StevenDaubert

2011-09-20 22:50:18   Good catch on the People page! Wow, a lot of us were asleep at the switch! —CovertProfessor

2012-01-01 22:25:03   Oops... guess my mind hasn't fully registered the new year yet — thanks! :-) —CovertProfessor

2012-01-02 12:59:04   Thanks for the congrats! And congrats to YOU!!! Is this your first? You must be almost about to go in for delivery :) I'm not due until late June and this will be our first too. —jenb

2012-01-06 00:46:26   Congratulations wikian Jennifer with the little one! —BruceHansen

2012-01-09 07:30:35   These next 3 weeks will fly by! I'm a new mommy too but I still have like 24 weeks to wait. You'll have to tell me what it's like :) One lady told me that the Co-op and the Mom and Baby source have new born classes. The Co-op one is taught by a midwife. She said you can meet a lot of mom's and perhaps hear about different things to do with your newborn. I haven't checked it out but I was thinking about it once Baby B gets here. —jenb

2012-02-01 18:35:07   I see you're editing about WIC. Have you popped yet? —WilliamLewis

2012-03-19 08:24:37   When's the last time you went flying? —JimStewart

2012-03-20 21:52:24   That's my plane at the top of my user page, a 2006 Flight Design CTSW. It's insured, in annual and I have 320 hours in it. —JimStewart

2012-03-23 19:48:27   Want to go flying tomorrow? —JimStewart

2012-05-22 14:49:01   Thanks! I just cracked up when I saw that, and luckily, camera was handy. —CovertProfessor

2012-07-10 04:21:26   Yes! I had my baby on July 5th. We named him Owen. He has been eating all the time. It's a big adjustment for us. —jenb

2012-07-16 17:46:48   Ya, the breast feeding part sounded a lot easier than it is. I've been to la leche league here in Davis, they were awesome. Did you end up going to the Mother and Baby Source group? I've been meaning to check that out. —jenb

2012-07-26 23:54:38   That would be awesome. What time is the Co-op group? I'm definitely coming out of the fog. I felt pretty overwhelmed these past 3 weeks, especially with the growth spurt my little man is going through. —jenb

2012-09-20 22:12:18   It was nice to meet you finally! I'm looking forward to next Tuesday. —jenb

2012-09-29 06:30:31   Farmers market sounds fun! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Mark and I had a busy week. I ended up subbing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was sad to miss out on the co op group tuesday but I'll be there this week. —jenb