Jenny Ann McAllister isn't actually named Jenny Ann McAllister. Jenny Ann McAllister happens to be an extremely long nickname Sarah McCarthy acquired in high school. She is about to graduate from UC Davis with a degree in music, emphasis in ethnomusicology (a track she had to create as an undergraduate within the Music Department). She performs in the UCD Gamelan Ensemble and the University Concert Band. She just joined DavisWiki and is sensing a mild obsession with it already.

If elected Miss America, she would strive to achieve whirled peas and would abolish the "last in, first out" rule about hiring/firing teachers because she is passionate about peas and ensuring that every child receives the education he or she deserves.

Also, she is the person who goes around drawing cheese on whiteboards everywhere. You're welcome.


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2011-05-22 04:31:22   Welcome to the Wiki! Totally agree with the whole "last in, first out" thing. One of my favorite fitness celebrities (Josef Gloor) got laid off from a school because of that rule and I am pretty sure anyone who has watched his I Used To Be Fat episode would agree that he is an excellent teacher and role model. —hankim

2011-05-22 09:16:50   Welcome to the Wiki! —TomGarberson

2011-05-22 14:43:25   Thank you both! [I particularly enjoy under welcome for aliens a place for them to go unnoticed is the Whole Earth Festival.] [Re: Josef Gloor getting laid off] That is utterly ridiculous!! It makes me very angry that principals take the time to acquire the best new teachers in order to improve their schools and then when the budget gets cut they have to get rid of them and keep the crappy teachers because of 'tenure.' I joined to do what I can to stop it from happening because it makes me She-Hulk style angry. Blech. Terrible, terrible. —JennyAnnMcAllister