(Dunk'd in Long Beach)

Name: Jeremy M.C. Wong aka Fahn Hup

Phone Number: (415) 606-4353

AIM Screenname: Sam12523 for regular people, FahnHup for dragon boaters

Major: Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Asian American Studies

Other Websites: Dragonboat Team @ UC Davis Facebook MySpace

Office: CAE/MAE computer lab @ Bainer Hall

More About Me

I was born on October 12th, 1983 in San Francisco, CA. I has two siblings, one whom which has recently graduated UC Davis. Procrastination is my strength and weakness; the ability to catch people's mistakes sometimes gets me in trouble. This summer (2005), I took Orbital Mechanics (EAE189B) and Asian American Theory (ASA110) in Summer Session I. I will be moving out of The Trees Apartment Complex off of Lake and Russel Blvd. Although Jeremy possesses a truck and lives in Davis, he is rarely seen transporting other people's furniture or clothing.

In 2005-2006 I will be residing in The Colleges apartment buildings. I'm the coach for the Davis Racing Dragons, the dragonboat team from UC Davis. I am part of the Davis Racing Dragons as well as an active member of the Asian American Association at UC Davis. He enjoys swimming, paintballing, dragonboating, archery, table tennis, and the urge to punch people. Unfortunately, Jeremy is unable to perform well in any sport that consists of a ball bigger than the human eye.

I enjoy eating more than the average person. Sushi and food-that-has-sauces-that-go-good-with-rice are my favorite. Sadly, I abstain from sashimi and any type of raw flesh. I instead gorge on California Rolls, tamago, ebi, and other sorts. Fuji's is a bit too expensive for me, and I end up calling friends up and getting them a free spot in line. No one ever treats me to Fuji's, so I opt to go to Sushi Nobu, which suits my pallet better. Better tempura, great katsu, never crowded. No sashimi on the menu, so prices are better. Did I mention I like buffets?

Cooking is something I've picked up after watching Iron Chef. In every rub I create for a meat, there is coffee in it. Why? Because I got scammed into buying a $8 coffee maker that sent me $30 worth of coffee that I didn't want or order. Now I have bags of coffee that taste like shit sitting around. Though it does take a lot of time to marinate and prepare, the food is worth it because it is cheap and plentiful. PLENTIFUL. Which means if you're going to slave over the stove for four hours, you better make 5 days worth of food OR get something out of your gf. Otherwise, cooking's not worth it. Here are some recipies for you college people.

How to marinate chicken Cooking wine Corn starch Pepper Salt Soy sauce Ginger

Pepper Chicken 1 set marinated chicken Carrots Celery 1 packet of black pepper chicken sauce

Cream Corned Chicken 1 set marinated chicken 3 egg whites 2 stalks green onions 1 can creamed corn

Heat pan w/ oil and brown chicken with medium strips of green onions. Separate chicken and pour in creamed corn; wait until boil, add the egg whites and pour in the browned chicken and onion. Simmer for 4 minutes and serve.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Selected chicken pieces Lemon pepper seasoning Light pepper and salt

Season, bake, wait, eat.

Remember: the microwave is the dumbass's version of an oven.

Dragonboating: The Poor Man's Watersport

(Vancouver 2003)", right"(Vancouver 2003) If you can tell by now, most of the pictures I'm in place me near a body of water. Thats because I do dragonboating. What is dragonboating? Dragonboating is a watersport that has its origin in China over 2000 years ago. It involves twenty (20) paddlers in a boat paddling side by side. Timing is crucial as you are moving a boat that weighs about 3500lbs when fully loaded. I have been paddling for the past 6-7 years on various teams. I started off in Lincoln High School back in 2000 and soon found great interest in the sport. After graduating, I helped coach the team to its first 1st place championship races. Sadly, I wasn't around to see it b/c i couldn't get a ride back from Davis. I started coaching various other youth teams as well as joining Ripple Effect, which was coached by my old high school teacher. After a few years paddling with people twice my age, I decided to finally start up the dragonboat team at UC Davis. Since freshman year, I had wanted to form a team in my own college, but the lack of water, high membership fees, and an absence of interested prevented me from doing so. After three years of planning, logistics crunching, and lobbying to the CDBA board, I was able to form a permenant dragonboat team within UC Davis. My concept of Dragonboat Racing Development was born.

The Davis Racing Dragons (same acryonyms as dragonboat racing devlopment) is the team based in Davis, CA. They consist of 80%-90% new paddlers, people how have never heard of dragonboating before. A wiki website is currently being formed, but we have remained the underdogs of dragon boat racing since the conception in June 2004.

I am currently coaching the Davis Racing Dragons, as well as paddling for Ripple Effect and am also the Matinence and Equipment Manager for the California Dragon Boat Association

If you see Jeremy around with an awkward haircut (for an Asian guy, that is), there is a high possiblity there was a dragon boat race the past weekend. Here are the styles that have been selected for past races:

Please feel free to make any suggestions into what kind of haircut Jeremy should use for the next race.


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