Jim Beach lives and works in Tulsa. He's been a resident since 1963. Husband to Marie, Dad to Amanda, Gramps to Meah, Food Guy to Rudy, Tinker, Louie and Jake. East Central High School, 1972; OSU - Landscape Architecture 1979.

He performs site feasibility, development strategy, pre-purchase due diligence, and land use entitlements for commercial and institutional clients at Wallace Engineering.

He brings to his clients an understanding of developer's needs and challenges, experience with consultant processes in site planning, civil engineering, architecture, and landscape architecture. Nationwide experience in public processes, and insight into the thinking of urban planners, engineers, planning commissioners, and land-use regulatory staff.

He serves on the Executive Committee for Saint Francis Tulsa Tough where he's been the Gran Fondo Director since 2005. He created and mapped the routes, develops the support systems, and manages a team of volunteer coordinators to deliver a first rate Gran Fondo experience to thousands of recreational riders since the event started in 2006.

He's passionate about elevating the profile of his community and promoting active lifestyles, tourism, and economic development by creating great experiences at Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Gran Fondo and DAM J.A.M. Bicycle Tour.

Additionally he's been a website design hobbyist since 2000 and continues to be interested in web-based tools and usability. In 2002, while working at INCOG as a staff member helping people through a confusing set of land development regulations and processes, he began to develop a vision of a vastly improved set of open, accessible, and intuitive resources, that would be made available equally to all citizens. His mission: "Create an online community education resource that gives clarity to land use regulations, directions to navigate through public planning processes, and assistance with individual site development challenges."

He's written some about the idea at LandRules  and Open Tulsa and presented to Mayor Kathy Taylor's Task Force on Education and Communication in 2009 but, life and work being what they are, beyond writing about it, the idea remains just a vision.